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The 30 Greatest Living Web Geeks

Normally, the m.o. at Geekosystem is going to be thus: every Tuesday morning, we will be rolling out a new Power Grid, which will be a list and bestiary of suitably geeked-out people or things. You’ll be able to find the master list of Grids at, so: bookmark it already. (If you’re puzzled, read the Power Grid FAQ)

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This week, though, you are in for a special treat. We couldn’t decide if we wanted to riff on our favorite geeks on the web, in cinema, in science and technology, in gaming, or in writing and comics, so we decided to scoop ’em all up. The result is our 150 Greatest Living Geeks series.

Every morning this week, we will be dropping a list of the top 30 geeks in each of those five categories. Today, we’re kicking off with our list of the top 30 web geeks, which we are defining as people whose technical or cultural contributions to the web have made it the place it is today.

Will #1 be katana-wielding hacker hero Richard Stallman (above left)? Will it be 4chan impresario moot? Will it be Digg duumviri Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson? Or will it be you? (Probably not, if you aren’t the founder of a multibillion-dollar enterprise.)

Share your thoughts, flamewars, congratulations, and automated botspam in the comments section below.

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