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Vladimir Putin

  1. Russia’s Putting $52 Billion Into Their Space Program, Would Be Nice If We Could Fund NASA

    The golden age of the American space program was all about beating Russia to important milestones. There's no longer that sense of competition based around our efforts in space. That's good, because we're about to get crushed. Vladimir Putin announced that the Russian government is putting $52 billion dollars into its space program and giving the program its own ministry. If you're curious, NASA's proposed budget for 2014 is only $17.7 billion.

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  2. Gérard Depardieu Might Be Russia’s Newest Citizen

    It's not unusual to hear people claim they'll leave the country if a candidate they don't like gets elected, or a policy they disagree with gets passed. Usually that's just talk though, but when Gérard Depardieu said he would leave France because he thought he was being taxed too highly, he meant it. He fled to Belgium last month, and has today been granted Russian citizenship. I wonder if this will affect the chances of a sequel to 1994's My Father the Hero.

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  3. Vladimir Putin Pilots Motorized Hang Glider to Lead Endangered Siberian Cranes on Migration

    You read that headline right: Vladimir Putin is basically the little girl from Fly Away Home, except for how Anna Paquin has never had her political enemies locked away in a Russian prison for two years for playing guitar in a church. As far as we know. What we can be sure of is that Putin, the former head of the KGB, former Prime Minister and current President of Russia, took the helm of a powered hang glider and proved that his abilities as a leader are so great, even wildlife must follow his directives as he took point in the first stages of a migration of young Siberian cranes, who are due to leave on their annual trip to winter nesting grounds in Iran and India soon.

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  4. Garry Kasparov Arrested, Beaten at Pussy Riot Sentencing

    In what has to be the most foregone of conclusions, all three members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot have been found guilty of hooliganism this morning, stemming from an impromptu guerilla performance in a Russian Orthodox church. To anyone who's been following the story -- or just has cliched ideas about the Russian justice system functioning only as the arm of a corrupt authoritarian state -- this comes as no big surprise. One unexpected twist to this morning's story, though, is the apparent arrest of Chess Grand Master Garry Kasparov outside of the Moscow courthouse where sentencing took place. Kasparov has been an outspoken member of the Russian political opposition, which is a pretty good way to get beaten and thrown into a police van on charges of "Meh, it's Russia, we'll figure out what we're arresting you for later."

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  5. Vladimir Putin Shoots Whale with Crossbow

    Heads up, Sarah Palin: Crossbowing-Whales-From-An-Inflatable-Raft is the new Shooting-Wolves-From-A-Helicopter. Just yesterday, Russian President Vladmir Putin “took part in a wildlife experiment” (Read: tough guy photo op) where he fired a crossbow dart into an endangered grey whale to gather a skin sample.

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