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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


All this has happened before...

Universal Is Doing a Battlestar Galactica Movie. Frak. Me.

What the. I. How do—huh? I can’t… I don’t. Just. What?!


+2 Cha -2 Str

Warner Bros.’ Dungeons & Dragons Movie In Trouble As Universal Says “Back Off, We’re Already Making One”

That was fast.

It was only on Tuesday we heard the news that Warner Bros. has acquired the film rights to Dungeons & Dragons and is hoping to make movie that won’t cause eyeball bleeding. But now a dispute over those rights makes it look like they’ll have to fight a legal battle before getting to the swords and magic one.


All this has happened before...

Luke Evans Will Star In A Dracula Origin Story, Will Probably Wind Up Shirtless

He’s played a Aramis, Apollo, and Zeus in his time but actor Luke Evans is ready to take on another classic role; that of Dracula in Universal’s vampire origin story. 


In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

And Now for a Game of Good News/Bad News: Universal Has Wicked, Van Helsing Movies in the Works

Universal Chairman Adam Fogelsen had a chat with The Hollywood Reporter about some of Universal’s upcoming projects, and while some of what he had to say had me snoozing (the 50 Shades of Grey movie might come out in summer 2014, at which point I will care about it even less than I do now, which is barely possible), some of it caught my eye. Namely: What was that you just said about a Van Helsing reboot and a Wicked movie, Mr. Fogelsen?


Oh Hollywood

Universal Hires Hunger Games Writer for Their Mummy Remake In Case The Writer They Already Have Doesn’t Work Out

So, you remember how Underworld‘s Len Wiseman is directing a Mummy remake? I don’t blame you if you don’t; since the news broke last September we’ve heard virtually nothing about it. But today there’s a curious tidbit from of Vulture: Though the movie already has one screenwriter, Universal has hired another screenwriter to pen a second, competing script. That writer? The Hunger GamesBilly Ray

So, are the two writers going to fight to the death to get their version made, or…?


My Precious!

Rumored Tolkien Theme Park: The Hobbitest Place On Earth

Look, New Zealand, you’re really far away from us and it’s really expensive to get to you. Odds are, most of us won’t ever be able to experience your beauty, never mind Hobbiton. So it’s with a great amount of glee we report a theme park may be in the works as a joint venture between Universal, Warner Bros., and the Tolkien estate. Get ready for Mr. Frodo’s Wild Ride! 


Cautiously Optimistic

UPDATED: Joe Hill’s Locke & Key Comic Might Be Getting A Three Picture Deal

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke & Key comic from IDW was once developed as a television series at Fox. Unfortunately the pilot wasn’t picked up but there’s good news on the horizon. The horror series may have a new home on the big screen thanks to Star Trek’s Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci


hold on to your butts

Universal Taps Jurassic Park Screenwriter to Give Us More Snow White and the Huntsman

After hitting the top of the box office last week — and following the sisterly lovefest between its two female leads — Universal is looking into its magic mirror and seeing more Snow White and the Huntsman movies. While there is no official word yet on which of the titular stars will be returning or if Rupert Sanders will come back to direct, but we can tell you that David Koepp, who wrote the first two Jurassic Park movies, Sam Raimi‘s first Spider-Man movie, and almost everything else, has been chosen to write the sequel. Maybe Koepp’s efforts will make for something a little less, er, confusing.



We Didn’t Ask For This: Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman Producing Reboots of The Mummy and Van Helsing

Remember that time I said it wasn’t worth complaining about reboots because there was absolutely no way of avoiding them? Get ready to halt any complaining now, because it was just announced that the Star Trek screenwriting dream team Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will be serve as producers on reboots of The Mummy franchise as well as Van Helsing. Because, as we have all figured out, there is no reason to create original characters anymore, just take old ones and write new scripts.

It’s fan fiction, everyone. Hollywood has officially turned into a factory of big-budget fan fiction. By the way: Van Helsing will star Tom Cruise, so now it’s fan fiction and celebrities engaging in cosplay. Yup. Go ahead — try to deny that’s what it is.


Cautiously Optimistic

The Dark Tower Might Have a Home (On the Small Screen) at HBO

More news about the adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower, and more reasons to think that this might really be getting off the ground. Producer Brian Grazer just keeps spilling more details about the large-scale project, and now he says that at least the TV portion will have a home at HBO. As for the film … that is still up in the air.