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Tim Curry

  1. Time Warp Again? Rocky Horror Picture Show Being Re-Imagined As a FOX Special

    "It seems so unhealthy here."

    We have news of yet another re-imagining of another property that wasn't particularly screaming for a remake. This time, it's The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just in time for the cult classic's 40th Anniversary, FOX is creating a made-for-TV special called The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event, which will keep all the original music and the original story but, according to Deadline Hollywood, "greatly reimagine the story visually."

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  2. Tim Curry Had a Major Stroke, But He’s Recovering. Because He’s Immortal. I Won’t Hear Otherwise.

    Today In Obvious

    Tim Curry, like Stan Lee and Sir Ian McKellen, will live forever. Don't dispute this basic fact. I won't listen.

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  3. Tim Curry Takes On Major Role In The Star Wars Universe

    Oh Mah Glob Guys

    Tim Curry, Master of Awesome, has just landed a role on Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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  4. Eric Idle Declares Today “Dick Day,” Celebrates by Releasing Play Online

    Eric Idle has declared it "Dick Day," and so "Dick Day" it must be. The Monty Python alum has been working with a group of British comedy legends and also Russell Brand on a project called What About Dick? which is being released online today for the low, low price of six dollars. Why not five dollars, which seems to have become the standard price for purchasing funny things online? We assume it has something to do with the exchange rate from American dollars into British currency. Then again, maybe it's just twenty percent funnier than anything else on the Internet.

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  5. Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day from The Mary Sue

    For great justice

    Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, everyone! If there's one thing I love, it's… well, not pirates. Doughnuts. But if the opportunity presents itself to dress up as a pirate and get free doughnuts, I am there. Which is why I say on this, the tenth annual Talk Like a Pirate Day: Thank you, Krispy Kreme, for giving me that opportunity.

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  6. How Would You Like to Help Strange Frame Finish Production?

    We Can Be Heroes

    This is one of those projects where you seriously wonder where our priorities are as a movie-viewing audience. A pair of sci-fi fans, GB Hajim and Shelley Doty, have been working on a full-length, computer animated feature film called Strange Frame that features an insanely cool cast (Claudia Black of Farscape and Stargate SG-1, George Takei, Tara Strong, Cree Summer, Tim Curry -- Tim Curry, you guys) and a $50,000 budget. They've completed most of their production, but are trying to gather the cash to invite the cast back for more scenes and finish the animation process at Skywalker Sound. And you can help! Click through for more details.

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  7. Universal Kills Reboot of Clue, Gore Verbinski Keeps It Alive

    No. No no no no no no no. no.

    Dear Hollywood: No. We refuse. We refuse to see you mangle Clue. You already threw some random aliens in Battleship, and we won't even get started on all the other reboots and adaptations you've royally screwed up over the years. You can't touch this. This is ours. In case you're wondering why we're freaking out (and quite possibly overreacting), we'll start with the good news: Universal, who had seemingly been bent on adapting--or re-adapting--every board game known to man to the silver screen, has given up their bid for a possible reboot of Clue. The bad news? The possibility of the film still lives on, with Gore Verbinski's production company Blink Wink.

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  8. Happy Birthday, Tim Curry! [NSFW Video]

    i'll just leave this here

    We tagged this NSFW, but honestly there's nothing in the lyrics. It's just the presentation. With Tim Curry it's always the presentation. If you can't watch the completely innocent Zucchini Song right now, proceed below, for a video that is just as weird, but not about a man who grows a very large and impressive tubular vegetable.

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