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Time Warp Again? Rocky Horror Picture Show Being Re-Imagined As a FOX Special

"It seems so unhealthy here."

Rocky Horror Picture Show

We have news of yet another re-imagining of another property that wasn’t particularly screaming for a remake. This time, it’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just in time for the cult classic’s 40th Anniversary, FOX is creating a made-for-TV special called The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event, which will keep all the original music and the original story but, according to Deadline Hollywood, “greatly reimagine the story visually.” The project will be produced by Gail Berman and Lou Adler, who produced the original 1975 movie. Kenny Ortega is set to direct and choreograph.

And my initial question was: WHY?! Most of the joy of Rocky Horror lies in the fact that it’s campy, and kinda bad, and very much a product of its time. It was a product of the “Me Generation,” at a time when the country had become disillusioned with politics and many young Baby Boomers became more interested in hedonism and the sexual revolution than civic duty. Rocky Horror was a response to a society that tried to repress sexuality and find new boxes for people that would replace the old boxes of the 50s and 60s. My first instinct was to say NOPE. SORRY. NOT ALLOWED. Why do we need this? It’s fine as it is! Stop ruining the things I like!

But then the whole “product of its time” thing stuck with me. Right now, we’re living at a time when there seems to be a huge cultural battle in the United States between conservative ideals and liberal ideals. We are simultaneously making the world freer for sexual and gender expression by finally having a national conversation about gender identity and being more open about talking about things like BDSM, and fighting against the rights of people trying to be themselves. What better time to re-imagine a classic of sexual expression? What better way to honor its anniversary than to give a new generation the story of a sweet transvestite dreaming of a freer world?

But then I think, WHO COULD REPLACE TIM CURRY?! *sigh* I’m so conflicted.

What say all of you?

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