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  1. Mark Zuckerberg And His Plan To Bring Free Internet To The World

    You definitely want it, you just don't know it yet.

    Facebook might just take over the planet. This afternoon, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Mark Zuckerberg revealed an ambitious plan to bring free internet access to everyone around the world. The access he wants to provide includes basic stuff, like the weather, messaging, and of course, Facebook, because what is the Internet without it?

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  2. Senior Citizens Pose for Amazing Calendar of Iconic Movies

    And I have opinions about it.

    The Internet seems to be loving these images of senior citizens dressed as characters from their favorite movies, and we are too. But why is the series so appealing?

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  3. Reddit Updates User Agreement, Can Now Use Your Content However and Whenever It Wants

    Hold on, Internet. Maybe don't freak out yet.

    Reddit announced an update to their user agreement yesterday. The announcement itself focused on making the agreement easier to read and understand, which is certainly a welcome change, but we noticed something else. Reddit now says they can use your content any way they see fit, even commercially.

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  4. You Can Buy “The Internet” For Your Next Shareholders Presentation

    The world would fall into chaos if the Internet were in the wrong hands, so you'd better buy it and keep it safe.

    Sometimes you come across something online you never even knew you wanted -- like The Internet itself. This replica of "The Internet" as seen in The IT Crowd is now available on Etsy. Sure, it may just be a plastic box with a light on it, but for fans of the show it could make a great addition to your desk.

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  5. A Brief History of Tumblr Layout Changes and Why I’ve Hated All of Them

    But let's be real, I'm never actually going to leave.

    Tumblr and I have been through a lot together. I first got mine about four years ago, back when Tumblarity was still a thing and people actually respected David Karp as a person, and I’ve hated it and loved it in equal amounts ever since. At this point I’ve started to experience something not unlike highway amnesia when it comes to the now ubiquitous blogging platform — I’ll open Google Chrome while trying to show my roommate a Youtube video on, you know, Youtube, and all of a sudden I’ll find myself three pages deep into my dashboard with no idea what just happened. But the more time I spend on the website, the more I tell myself that I really need to give it up and find some new social media hangout, because the sheer amount of changes they’ve made to the site and the way that they’ve handled every single one send me into a mini rage spiral every time I think about them. I can feel my teeth grinding right now, guys.

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  6. Ron Paul Loses Disputes Over and, Found Guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

    Crotchety old man confused by Internet, film at 11.

    Ron Paul just can't win when it comes to the Internet, and really, it's his fault in the first place. First he asked the UN, an organization he notoriously does not like, to take the domain from the huge supporter base that runs it so that he can have it. Now not only has the UN ruled in favor of those supporters, but they've also found Paul guilty of reverse domain name hijacking. Sucks to be you, Ron.

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  7. Microsoft Creative Director Gone From the Company After Incendiary Next-Gen Comments

    Remember when we previously reported about Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth's Twitter comments about the "always-on" complaints in regards to the next-gen Xbox? Specifically, remember when Microsoft officially apologized for Orth's comments without actually talking about whether the next Xbox will even have an "always-on" feature? Well, Adam Orth certainly remembers, as he's now apparently no longer at Microsoft.

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  8. South Korean Court Upholds 10 Month Jail Sentences For Being A Dick On The Internet

    If anyone was wondering how seriously South Koreans take their rappers educational backgrounds, the answer is: very. A judge in South Korea has upheld the jail sentences of eight people for attempting to defame rapper Tablo on the internet by claiming he did not, as he claimed, have Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Stanford University.

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  9. Google is Still Getting Takedown Requests For MegaUpload and Demonoid

    Anti-Piracy outfits and world governments have been making huge strides in taking down some of the internet's biggest pirating networks, but it doesn't seem like the world's copyright-holders have noticed. According to TorrentFreak, Google still gets loads of DMCA takedown requests for famously deceased file-sharing sites like MegaUpload, Demonoid, and BTJunkie from some of the world's largest entertainment companies.

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  10. Iran to Remove Key Ministries From the Internet by September

    We've been hearing about Iran wanting to disconnect from the lawless pit of sins that is the Internet for a while, but it never seemed like it was going to happen. Empty threats, we thought. They wouldn't want to lose Lolcats, we said. Well, now we have reports saying Iran is planning on moving its key ministries from the Internet come September, and house them in its very own intranet.

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  11. Internet: The TV Show

    I feel like someone is probably thinking up this channel right now, except without the sense of humor. And more ads than humanly possible. (Also: the Craig's List show would be worth its own channel, and I'm torn on the use of a Bob Ross-type character for 4chan.) (CollegeHumor via Geeks Are Sexy)

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  12. How To Die On Facebook

    The New York Times reports on a phenomenon that is becoming more and more common as the average age of Facebook users rises: those times when an algorithm prompts you to reach out and connect with someone who is no longer alive.
    Facebook says it has been grappling with how to handle the ghosts in its machine but acknowledges that it has not found a good solution. “It’s a very sensitive topic,” said Meredith Chin, a company spokeswoman, “and, of course, seeing deceased friends pop up can be painful.” Given the site’s size, “and people passing away every day, we’re never going to be perfect at catching it,” she added.
    This phenomenon is not limited to baby boomers and older. Reading the article became quite eerie when I suddenly remembered that I also have a deceased Facebook friend. Facebook does have a method of dealing with profiles of those who have died, though it needs improving.

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  13. The Internet Is For Infographics …About Porn

    Online MBA has a helpful infographic about what is perhaps the Internet's greatest contribution to civilization: making it incredibly easy to find porn. No longer will young people be shoving magazines under mattresses, and that's good, because I'm sure we're all going to be sleeping in zerograv stasis pods any day now. Some of the stats on it surprised us, nevertheless. For example, only 12% of the internet and 8% of all e-mail is porn. We would have guessed a bit higher. See the whole thing below:

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  14. Lost, Summed Up By Cats

    We all know the internet is made of cats, but sometimes a reminder is good.

    Most of us also know that the series finale of Lost is on tonight.

    And so we present to you tremendousnews' recap of Lost as told by cats.

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  15. Canadian Supreme Court Will Hear Appeal in Hyperlinking Lawsuit

    The Supreme Court of Canada has decided to hear an appeal in a lawsuit that wishes to prove that hyperlinking constitutes publication, and that hyperlinkers can be thus be prosecuted for defamation. From the Montreal Gazette:

    Vancouver businessman Wayne Crookes... alleges that writer Jon Newton defamed him by linking to reputation-smearing articles in a 2006 post about free speech on his website.
    And isn't it ironic?

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  16. White House Uses SEO To Sell Health Care Bill

    Not even the White House can ignore the power of the Google. TechPresident picked up on this subtle use of phrasing by the White House blog to optimize the SEO of their posts ... in this instance, how to cause them show up higher on Google search results.

    Which was something the White House was extra interested in last week when the Internet was afire with health care reform:

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  17. A Chicken in Every Pot, and A Webpage for Every Citizen

    Yes, we know Hoover wasn't British.

    On Monday, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will announce a four year initiative to go paperless. That is, to make every possible interaction between British citizens and their government into something you can do online.

    From the Times:

    The aim is that within a year, everybody in the country should have a personalised website through which they would be able to find out about local services and do business with the Government. A unique identifier will allow citizens to apply for a place for their child at school, book a doctor’s appointment, claim benefits, get a new passport, pay council tax or register a car from their computer at home.

    The savings on paper, postage, and physical government offices are expected to be in the billions.

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  18. There’s a New Keyboard Cat In Town

    As we all know, the internet is 90% cats. Here is one of them. It plays a little drum, and it dances a bit. Mostly it plays a keyboard. We suppose that would make it a keyboard cat. But not the first keyboard cat. A second keyboard cat.


    Accompany our exit with a musical selection, piano feline!

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  19. Dante’s Internet

    We went to the library this week with one goal in mind: Check out a copy of The Divine Comedy so that we could read it and feel intellectually, nay, morally superior to anyone playing Dante's Inferno. We sort of felt conflicted about making fun of it, since we'd never read the source material, either.

    Well, the library only had one copy, and it was checked out. So all we have to offer you is Dante's Internet, from No Cats on the Blog.

    Complete picture after the jump.

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  20. How Were We Not Aware of This: Yakkety Sax Anything

    Maybe you've seen this before, but it sure slipped by us. Benny Hillifier is a website that will take your regular old workaday YouTube video, mute it, and, with the sure touch of a lifelong craftsman, lovingly apply the Benny Hill Theme to it. Et voila.

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