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“Think Before You Comment” Is Our New Favorite Song

The internet should have to listen to this every morning.

Here at The Mary Sue, we’re blessed with one of the best readerships and comment sections on teh intarwebs. Just about anywhere else, though, people are not quite so lucky, and comment sections can turn into a revolting, nauseating look at the worst of the human psyche (or a “crazy toilet bowl,” as Chris Pratt puts it). We would like to introduce those people to “Think Before You Comment.”

It’s a song that playing during the end credits of IDARB, a soon-to-be-released competitive game for Xbox One, and it’s not messing around. It puts up childhood photos of all the devs and their in-game avatars, and encourages you to mind your manners – lest they not release a PC version of the game. Here’s some of the lyrics:

These are the people
who made the game you’re playing
They worked really hard
sometimes day and night
and often instead
of spending time with their families
they tried to ensure
that the gameplay was really tight.

So think before you comment
Please don’t send that Tweet
Don’t you rage upon the forums
Or take it to the streets!
These people do have feelings
just like you and me.
And if you treat them with kindness
they might port this to PC.


Think before you comment
Words can really hurt.
You can make a YouTube playthrough
and they might send you a shirt!

These people do have feelings.
They bleed, and yes, they cry
Don’t send them threatening emails
You can stop it if you try!
If we all try

So very true, IDARB. So. Very. True. We welcome you over to the TMS comments any time.

(via Polygon)

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