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The Huntress

  1. Arrow Showrunner Wants Huntress Spinoff, More Birds of Prey

    Arrow has already got one spinoff of sorts, the Flash television show that introduced its characters for the first time in a two part installment of Arrow. But Marc Guggenheim, executive producer and showrunner of the Green Arrow adaptation, wants a spinoff closer to the heart of the show, for its earliest appearing female vigilante, the Huntress.

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  2. The Huntress Returns Tonight On Arrow’s Birds of Prey Episode, Gives Us Batman Feels [VIDEO]

    So I guess she can just stop wearing the mask, huh? Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  3. The CW’s Arrow Will Host Two Out Of Three Birds of Prey In The Same Episode

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Guess who's back? 

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  4. The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview of Worlds’ Finest #11 With Huntress and Power Girl!

    The Mary Sue Exclusive

    This month is "WTF" month at DC Comics, which they assure us stands for "What The Fifty-two." What this means, tangibly, is that each New 52 issue out in April will feature a cover that's... well, based on what I've seen, no more sensationalist than your average sensationalist comics cover. The promise this time, however, is that the stuff on these covers is actually representative of what's inside, and that each cover is part of a double spread, with the other half of the image revealing an even more sinister twist to the story. Here's a preview of Worlds' Finest #11, the book of dimensional refugees, renegade-superheros, and best buds Power Girl and the Huntress.

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  5. Arrow’s Huntress Is Going To Meet NBC’s Dracula This Fall

    I'll Allow It

    Don't expect Jessica De Gouw's role on The CW's Arrow to become recurring anytime soon. The actress has been chosen to play Mina Harker in NBC's upcoming Dracula series starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

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  6. Mini-Huntress & Power Girl Read Comics, Will Kick Your Butt Six Ways From Sunday

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    What's the reason comic publishers aren't putting time and energy into marketing toward children again? This is your next generation right here. These two young ladies won separate Halloween costume contests this year and the folks at Empire’s Comics Vault in Sacramento decided to throw them a party to celebrate. Hit the jump to see another shot of this dynamic duo. 

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  7. An Exclusive Preview of Worlds’ Finest #7 Featuring Power Girl and The Huntress!

    The Mary Sue Exclusive

    Worlds' Finest is a comic I'm really enjoying right now, for a number of reasons. First, one of the characters is Batman's daughter, which is basically who I wanted to be from the age of eleven to probably... sixteen or seventeen. The comic features Helena Wayne and Karen Starr, the Robin and Supergirl of Earth-2, unexpectedly transported to our universe in the heat of a battle against Darkseid in which both of their mentors perished, which brings me to the next reason why I love the comic: any superhero story that so prominently features a friendship between women is to be cherished. And finally, issue #7 marks the second part of a story featuring Helena's Earth Prime counterpart: Damian Wayne. Damian is something of a divisive character in fandom and even here at The Mary Sue (Jill loves him... ugh). I took no small pleasure in seeing him matched in sass and kick assery last issue, and I look forward to seeing it again. In conclusion: Worlds' Finest has a lot going for it, so I'm happy to say that DC Comics has offered us an exclusive preview of the first six pages of issue #7 and two of its covers.

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  8. Five New Pictures of the Huntress from Arrow

    Great Hera!

    I finally caught up on four episodes of Arrow on Sunday, and while the show doesn't exactly have me riveted (I watched the last three while simultaneously playing World of Warcraft because Valor Points, baby, Valor Points), it seems to me that the show is still sketching out the borders of its frame, still setting the stage for what it ultimately wants to say, and so I'm still mildly interested. Helping along my interest are small moments with the show's considerable female cast (although I find the dialogue between Laurel and her friend at the legal aid office to be laughably bad), like Thea's defenses of her understandable brokenness, the lovely awkward lady hacker character who just came on the scene, and the moment when Laurel totally rescued Ollie from a buttwhooping. Also, John Barrowman has finally started making appearances and that's fun. But more than any of that, I'm honor bound to stick with the show at least through the introduction of Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress, scourge of the Cosa Nostra.

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  9. Our First Look At Arrow’s Huntress, Plus Another DC Comics Woman Joins The Cast!

    Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

    She's already smarter than Oliver Queen - she's wearing a mask. Seriously though, sometimes he doesn't even have his eye makeup on. Read on to find out which other Mary Sue-favorite DC woman is set to join the cast soon!

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  10. Arrow‘s Huntress Talks About Secret Identity

    Great Hera!

    "I play Helena, but I’m also The Huntress, so I have to be able to hold my own. The duality of the role, it’s challenging. I have to be able to kick butt and all of that, and I’m quite feminine in my normal every day [life]… the fighting and all of that is new and interesting for me, but it’s a good thing. I’m really enjoying it. I’ve kind of been thrust into it, so I might as well just jump in, right?” she says. Jessica teases that the Huntress is introduced into Arrow “with a punch.” “She comes in strong.” -- Ksitetv, talking to Jessica de Gouw, the latest woman to play the Huntress in a screen adaptation. De Gouw has quite a lot to say about her character in the interview, about how Helena and Oliver are in some ways opposites, and how she's been reading Huntress comics for inspiration. She refuses to let any details leak about her costume, though... other than that as Helena, the costume designers are making sure she's always in a bit of purple. You can read the whole interview here. Previously in Arrow

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