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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Team Fortress 2

Power Grid

An Entirely Subjective List of My Favorite Video Game Romances

Ahh, do you feel it? Love is in the air today! Love, and gunpowder, and mana residue, and the metallic tang of medically improbable amounts of blood. Yes, we’ve entered the world of video games, where love is weird and sex is awkward. There are few topics more likely to bring friends to blows than this one, so rather than give you a “best of” list, I’m here to share my favorites. Six couples that have stuck with me over the years, each representing a different sort of love. If I leave out your favorite (as I undoubtedly will), by all means, let your ship sail in the comments.


And Now For Something Completely Different

A Sampler of In-Game Holiday Events, Detailed in Festive Verse

T’is the night before Christmas
and through many a house
all the gamers are playing
with controller or mouse.

Quite soon we will pause
to wrap gifts and share hugs,
to pour too much eggnog
in red and green mugs.

But wait, says your writer!
Don’t log out right just yet!
There’s some holiday cheer
that we mustn’t forget!

For our digital worlds
love this time of year, too.
There’s presents and parties!
Free swag, just for you!

Deck the halls with your guildies!
Your clanmates! Your crew!
Take part in some make-believe!
There’s so much to do!



A Video Game Starter Guide for Total Newbs

Yeah, I know, a lot of you out there are already gamers. You’ve got raiding schedules and encyclopedic knowledge of voice actors and DPS formulas good enough for publication in academic journals. For this, I salute you.

But some of you aren’t gamers. I’ve had comments from and conversations with folks who have an inclination to game, but just haven’t given it a try yet. I understand why. Knowing where to start is tricky. Being intrigued by games and actually choosing one to play is a little like following up the statement “I’d like to learn to read” with strolling into a bookstore.

To make things easier for the Potentials, I’ve put together a handy starter guide just for you (and if you’re already into comics or SF/F, all it’s going to take is a tiny nudge). Chances are that the activities and fandoms you already enjoy have have primed you for a happy life of questing and leveling up.

(And veteran gamers, do stick around. I’m going to need your help at the end.)


Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

Valve to Collect All of It’s Publicity Comics Under One, Physical, Cover, Including Portal

Not sure why this seems so exciting to me… Comic books based on video games are no new phenomenon. Neither are physical collections of otherwise digital comics. Nor are collections of publicity materials all that rare, either. But here we are: I’m kind of excited for a little hardcover that’s showed up on Dark Horse’s November solicits, Valve Presents: The Sacrifice and Other Steam-Powered Stories.