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Team Fortress 2

  1. The Mary Sue Exclusive Interview: Dancing with Eternity‘s John Patrick Lowrie and Ellen McLain Talk Audiobooks, Sexuality, and Living Forever

    SPAAACE. I'm in space.

    Liz Suess met with voice actors John Patrick Lowrie and Ellen McLain to discuss John's book Dancing with Eternity, which was recently released as an audiobook.

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  2. The Valve-Themed Super Smash Bros. Of Our Dreams

    For monster

    Know this going in: It's not real. This is a fan-made video by YouTube user crazyhalo, and it exists only in our fondest imaginings. That's for the best. If this game were a thing, I would never get anything done. Dibs on Chell.

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  3. An Entirely Subjective List of My Favorite Video Game Romances

    Power Grid

    Ahh, do you feel it? Love is in the air today! Love, and gunpowder, and mana residue, and the metallic tang of medically improbable amounts of blood. Yes, we’ve entered the world of video games, where love is weird and sex is awkward. There are few topics more likely to bring friends to blows than this one, so rather than give you a “best of” list, I’m here to share my favorites. Six couples that have stuck with me over the years, each representing a different sort of love. If I leave out your favorite (as I undoubtedly will), by all means, let your ship sail in the comments.

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  4. We’ve Got a Team Fortress 2-Themed Snowball Fight Thanks to the Recent Extreme Cold [Video]

    We're going to be watching our backs for that sniper.

    While we were all huddling for warmth indoors, Corridor Digital was braving the Mars-cold temperatures to bring us a snowy version of the awesome Team Fortress 2 character promo videos from Valve. So, let's go, Team Fortress modders. How soon can we get a playable version of this?

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  5. Valve Releases Entirely Community-Made Team Fortress 2 Update

    If you haven't played Team Fortress 2, you should really go do that. The team-based shooter video game's found a kind of longevity that publishers and developers that aren't Valve dream about. TF2's received numerous updates over the years, dropped to being a free-to-play game, and even added a third faction of robotic enemies. Community-made items have appeared in various packs over time, but their latest update is the first that's been 100% made by the community.

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  6. Virtual Hats and Bitcoins Might Be the Future of Currency [Video]

    Generally speaking, currency exists because we all agree said currency has value. It's essentially abstracting the whole barter system. So, now that the digital age has arrived, does it not make sense that we should start seeing digital currencies come to fruition? We pretty much are already, actually, even if you didn't realize it. PBS Idea Channel and host Mike Rugnetta explore exactly this in their latest video, which asks if stuff like Bitcoins and Team Fortress 2 hats are the future of currency.

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  7. A Sampler of In-Game Holiday Events, Detailed in Festive Verse

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    T’is the night before Christmas and through many a house all the gamers are playing with controller or mouse. Quite soon we will pause to wrap gifts and share hugs, to pour too much eggnog in red and green mugs. But wait, says your writer! Don’t log out right just yet! There’s some holiday cheer that we mustn’t forget! For our digital worlds love this time of year, too. There’s presents and parties! Free swag, just for you! Deck the halls with your guildies! Your clanmates! Your crew! Take part in some make-believe! There’s so much to do!

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  8. Team Fortress 2 Characters as Portrayed by Cats

    Typically speaking, I'm not one to fall for adorable cat pictures. When adorable cat pictures are then overlapped by Team Fortress 2 characters, though, something resonates deep inside. These specific versions comes courtesy of the Le Ginger Snaps Tumblr, though they protest that not all of the cats are their own. Regardless of ownership, engineer is definitely credit to team, as made evident by his clever box-like contraption.

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  9. Valve Reveals Team Fortress 2 Co-Op Mode, Mann vs. Machine

    Turns out all that speculation about a Mann vs. Machine update for Team Fortress 2 was on the money. Valve has revealed a new co-op horde mode, set to launch August 15th, that has RED and BLU working together to combat GRAY. It may not be a new team, unless you count the robot enemies that you probably can't play as, but a co-op mode is just the thing to refresh the aging shooter.

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  10. Valve Teases Third Team Fortress 2 Team

    Some intrepid Valve patrons recently noticed that the bloodstains appearing on the logo of Team Fortress 2's main page linked to lore tidbits relating to a third Mann brother: Gray. You see, in the game's lore, Blutarch and Redmond are the men behind the two opposing sides. They're battling over gravel, which they apparently believe powers steam engines and is therefore valuable. Now, according to a comic puzzled out by the community, Gray has returned and just might be bringing his own team with him. That's the speculation, anyway.

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