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  1. Welcome to Pull It Together, Our New Weekly Comics Post, June 25th Edition!

    We've got issues. Lots of issues.

    It's almost new comic day, do you know where your pull list is?

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  2. Top Selling Games and Apps Free on App Store, Go Get Yours Now

    Seriously though, these are fantastic.

    It could be celebration of the fifth anniversary of the App Store, or it could just be a beautiful mirage. Either way, you can download games like Infinity Blade II and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP on Apple's App Store for the low, low price of absolutely nothing right now. If you're angling for some new digital entertainment to make your morning commute more tolerable you should probably jump on this deal today, and there's no telling when it may end, and the termination of the sale will likely be as unexpected and sudden as its origin.

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  3. Shut Up And Take (Less Of) My Money: Everything In The Fantagraphics Catalog Is 20% Off Right Now

    Are you taking a break from conspicuous consumption following the traditional holiday purchase-palooza? If so, you are doing it wrong. That's because Fantagraphics comics is offering a 20% discount on everything in its catalog for the next couple of days. EVERYTHING. That's 20% off everyLove and Rockets collection, 20% off Johnny Ryan's newest Prison Pit book, 20% off the publisher's fantastic hardbound collections of Walt Kelly's genre-defining Pogo strips. At the risk of belaboring the point, there are things you simply need in a well-rounded comic book collection here, and for the next few days, they are all significantly cheaper. Keep reading for some of our picks of things you may want to add to our collection of classy comics while they're on the cheap side. If this seems like a shameless plug, it totally is, but it's a shameless plug for one of my favorite publishers, and one that is doing more to preserve the too-often overlooked history of the medium than anyone else today. I apologize for nothing.

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  4. Because We Need More Stuff: Walmart Reports Best Black Friday Sales Ever

    In today's totally depressing news, it appears that the American impulse to needlessly purchase junk in bulk is alive and well. Black Friday no longer exists just on Friday, despite the infamous day's name. No, our cup spilleth over to Thanksgiving as well. Walmart was already doing ridiculous amounts of business last night, and they've reported their best Black Friday events ever with almost 5,000 items sold per second between 8PM and midnight.

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  5. Today in the Steam Summer Sale: More Games That Are Cheaper Than Usual

    Just in case you aren't planning on seeing The Dark Knight Rises tonight, you can spend more money on games that will sit in your library for months. Today was quite a day for the 2012 Steam Summer Sale. Every game featured in the daily deals had its price cut by at least 70%. On top of that, there is only one game that breaks the $10 mark. Here we have a few shooters, a strategy game to spend years on, and a nice little indie bundle bow to top it off.

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  6. Today in the Steam Summer Sale: Things That Aren’t Just Two Bucks

    How exhausted are you from buying things you aren't going to play for a while? Well, load up on those carbs, because you still have a few more days of the 2012 Steam Summer Sale left. Today, we have another decent indie bundle, a legitimately scary game, some casual-but-secretly-deep goodness, and a game where you might legitimately die in its tutorial.

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  7. Today in the Steam Summer Sale: A Bunch of Games You Want

    Do you have any money left? Funny how a bunch of extremely cheap games end up costing you more than a few expensive ones. Today in the 2012 Steam Summer Sale, we have a pretty good batch of games that finally aren't a bunch of war games, and another worthwhile indie bundle is also on offer.

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  8. Today in the Steam Summer Sale: A Good Indie Bundle and More War Games

    Have you spent all of your money yet? Today in the Steam Summer Sale, we have a bunch of war games, a pretty good indie games bundle, and some other things that might tickle your fancy, assuming your fancy is still ticklish after all this fancy-tickling the summer sale has brought.

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  9. Today in the Steam Summer Sale: Some Games You Want, Some Games You Don’t

    The 2012 Steam Summer Sale continues. If you haven't gotten some old games that are pretty awesome, or some other games involving shooting things with guns, or even one that features a lot of mountains and has no decipherable way of understanding how it plays by looking at the screenshots, today is your day.

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  10. The Steam Summer Sale 2012 is Finally Here

    Even if you're like me and have a love-hate relationship with Steam because it won't let you log into the website with the same username and password that logs you into the client, the frustration is usually worth it when it comes to Steam sales, like their annual summer sale. Guess what? The 2012 Steam Summer Sale is finally here, starting today, and runs through July 22 with various daily deals and bundles for your perusal.

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