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Because We May Indie Game Sale Offers Awesome Deals

If there are any indie games you’ve been waiting to purchase in hopes that they might go on sale, today might be your lucky day. Or rather, this week might be your lucky week. Because We May is a week long sale celebrating indie games and, more specifically, the fact that direct sale gives indie developers complete control over the prices of their games. Until June 1st, dozens of indie developers are dropping their prices like crazy, because they may.

The sale covers a wide variety of platforms including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux games direct from developers or through Steam, and even a few Xbox 360 titles. Chances are you’ve never heard of a bunch of the featured games, but there are some real classics on there too, including Super Meat Boy ($4.99), Psychonauts ($4.99), Gish ($2.99), and Braid ($2.49). And that’s just right now; the sale has already started, but more games continue to be added, so keep your eyes open for any delicious newcomers.

You can check out the full list, divided by platform, at the Because We May website, so get over there and check it out. This is a great opportunity to pick up some new games, support developers, and show them that totally righteous promotions like this pay off. Now, get over there and do your part.

(h/t Team Meat)

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