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Pushing Daisies

  1. Things We Saw Today: Chuck & The Piemaker Finally Kiss

    Plus new Rat Queens, cruelty-free Hogwarts quills, Dragon Con cakes, and more!

    The facts were these: Anna Friel posted this photo of her kissing Lee Pace on IG, and a world's worth of Chuck/Ned shippers went crazy. #SavePushingDaisies2k14 (via Instagram)

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  2. Bryan Fuller Teases Pushing Daisies Revival On Twitter, Is Cruel

    Quit playing games with my heart, Fuller.

    Stop messing with our feels, Bryan Fuller. Either you're bringing back everyone's favorite pie-maker or you're not. Stop toying with our pie-motions.

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Leather Armor Corsets For You To Drool Over

    Things We Saw Today

    I'm probably never going to own one of these leather corsets by Andrew Kanounov, and that makes me sad. io9 has more pictures if you're feeling masochistic.

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  4. 10 of the Most Hardcore, Eyepatch Wearing Characters in Geekdom

    Power Grid

    Eyepatches have a long history of showing up on all sorts of characters, and most of the time they just make said character look even more badass. Sometimes we meet the character and they already have the eyepatch, and sometimes we are unbelievably horrified when a character who we’ve grown to love over the course of seven however many seasons loses an eye. As it turns out, there are a lot of characters in geekdom with eyepatches, many of whom are just cool, if not cooler, without their depth perception. Surprisingly, we couldn’t find a single pirate contender for our list, but we certainly encountered enough examples of the eyepatch of power to make up for it. Lets hear it for the runners up on this list: Doctor Who’s Madam Kovarian, King Lear’s Gloucester, and all the other characters who lost both eyes, and didn’t make our list. (Be warned, there are spoilers ahead. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, and Venture Bros. fans, navigate with care.) Now feast your eyes on our list of amazing, eyepatch clad characters.

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  5. Bryan Fuller Releases Pushing Daisies Scripts Online, Expect a Kickstarter Movie Campaign Soon

    Just don't touch the series again after it has been revived, or it will stay dead for good.

    In between desperately trying to get a second season for his critically acclaimed series Hannibal, Bryan Fuller had admitted that he wants to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a movie version of his once critically acclaimed but-also-brutally-cancelled show Pushing DaisiesNow it's starting to look more and more like Fuller's going to make that campaign happen, because last night he announced via Twitter that he's put up all the scripts for every Pushing Daisies episode on his website. Who does nice things like that for a four-year-old cancelled series out of the blue like that without hoping to get some money out of it? We're on to your tricks, Fuller!

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  6. Bryan Fuller On a Possible Pushing Daisies Reunion in Hannibal, Doing a Pushing Daisies Zombie Movie

    Cautiously Optimistic

    First things first, to those not watching NBC's Hannibal: Watch Hannibal. The acting's great, the characters are wonderful, and it's insanely fun seeing the writers play with the fact that the audience knows Hannibal Lecter's a killer cannibal but the characters don't. (Said at a dinner meeting: "Next time bring your wife. I'd love to have you both for dinner." Oh-ho-ho!) Another reason to catch up on Hannibal, at least if you're a Pushing Daisies fan: Some combination of Lee Pace, Kristin Chenoweth, and Anna Friel might join its cast in season two. If it gets a season two. C'mon, people. Let's make this the Bryan Fuller show that lasts.

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  7. Might Pushing Daisies Get a Kickstarter-Funded Touch of Life?


    The massive success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign—it's raised $3.57 million and counting—has caused the creators of some other dear departed shows to perk up their heads and consider a fan-funded revival. One of those? Bryan Fuller, who's expressed interest in doing a Pushing Daisies movie. To quote the great Olive Snook: Jiminy krispies!

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  8. Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane is Officially No More


    Fans of lavishly designed, quirky, pseudo-fantastical Bryan Fuller productions have been expecting this for a long time. According to the showrunner's twitter, NBC has officially and finally passed on the ambitous remake of The Munsters.

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  9. Pilot for Bryan Fuller’s The Munsters Remake to Air as a Halloween Special, And That’s Probably All She Wrote

    Officially Official

    Looks like the Munsters aren't long for this world. Bryan Fuller's remake of the series, called Mockingbird Lane, has been demoted to TV movie status by NBC, which will be airing the pilot as a Halloween special in an effort to recoup at least some of the $10 million it cost to make.

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  10. Pushing Daisies‘ Bryan Fuller’s The Munsters Gets Shelved… Maybe?

    Curiouser and curiouser!

    Television reboots of beloved old series aren't the most popular thing these days (market saturation, what can you do?), but the idea of Bryan Fuller at the helm of Mockingbird Lane, a reboot of The Munsters, was pleasing to a lot of people. Fuller's claim to fame are such charming quirky concept and design-heavy shows as Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me. The other thing those shows have in common is being cancelled, with their hosting networks citing low ratings. Perhaps it was this that was unfortunately most prominent in the mind of somebody at NBC?

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  11. Will Pushing Daisies Head to Broadway?

    Cautiously Optimistic

    Bryan Fuller's been dropping hints of upcoming Pushing Daisies news for the past few months, and we have been clawing at our computer screens for just as long screaming "TELL US!" The Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, and Mockingbird Lane producer swore it had nothing to do with a return of the cancelled-too-soon show to television, or of a jump to the big screen. So what does that leave? Broadway, apparently!

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  12. Things We Saw Today: The Doctor Who/Firefly Crossover Of Our Fanfic Dreams

    Things We Saw Today

    Redditor DrMarf put it best: "There is so much strong jaw line in that pic. The only way I could feel less manly is if John Barrowman had photo-bombed this pic." Us too. (via Reddit.)

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  13. Pushing Daisies Creator Bryan Fuller Is Bringing The Munsters Back To TV

    All this has happened before...

    Previously, NBC passed on Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller's idea to reboot the classic TV series, The Munsters. It was described as “Modern Family meets True Blood.” Well, decided to give it another go a few months ago and now that they've read his script they've given the official go-ahead to make it.

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  14. 10 Fictional Universes We’d Like To Live in Based on Food Alone

    Power Grid

    So here's the simple explanation: 1. We were trying to think of a Power Grid. 2. We were hungry. That's it. I'm being perfectly serious. What you see before you is the product of a few people sitting down to write something about fandom when they didn't have any snacks on hand. We started thinking about fantasy food and then had to make a list out of it.

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