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  1. Robot Learns to Cook by Watching YouTube Videos, Just Like Us

    By watching YouTube videos about cooking, I mean.

    Unlike human cooks, when robots break a glass they never accidentally cut themselves and have to go get stitches, because they're made of indestructible titanium frames that they would never use for evil.

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  2. The Doctor and the Daleks Team Up at Last… to Teach Kids to Program


    The BBC is doing the U.K. primary educational system a big break, setting the Doctor up against his biggest challenge yet: teaching the U.K.'s new programming core requirements.

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  3. Play-i Toy Robots Teach Young Children Computer Programming Basics [Video]

    If you're trying to raise a geek, Play-i's robots are here to help.

    Pretty much everyone needs to have at least a basic understanding of computer concepts to function in the modern world. Play-i wants to help your little geek-in-training learn the basics of computer coding by playing with their toy robots Bo and Yana.

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  4. Artificial Intelligence Can Now Beat Super Mario Bros.

    Tired of playing video games now that the sun is starting to make regular appearances and the outside world is looking more inviting? Good news! Now there's a computer program that can play your video games for you! Computer scientist Tom Murphy has developed an artificial intelligence that can play NES games like Super Mario Bros. all by itself. It doesn't even have to trade off the controller with its kid brother every other life.

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  5. Learn Java By Casting Spells, Saving Gnomes in a First-Person Video Game

    What skills does your favorite video game give you? When you're done burning through the 12+ hours of BioShock Infinite, what'll you have to show for it? Probably a few enhanced motor skills and the aesthetic appreciation that comes with being immersed in a compelling story. That's certainly not nothing. For developing employable, useful skills, though, one game's got all the rest beat. Computer scientists at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) have created a video game that teaches students how to program in Java by casting spells and saving the world. A world of creepy, creepy little gnomes.

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  6. YouTube to Drop at Least 60% of Original Programming Partners

    When YouTube decided to support original content channels, they pretty much just threw $100 million at a bunch of different creators in order to give the entire system a boost. Now that almost a year has passed since then, YouTube's looking to funnel more money into those channels that are working, and drop those that aren't. Only 30% to 40% of the original group will be receiving new contracts, meaning that at least 60% of those originally supported will be funded no more.

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  7. Girl Posts Ad Looking for Boyfriend on GitHub, Probably Nerdiest Personal Ad of All Time

    We take a moment today to offer mad props to one Noriko Higashi. Noriko is a programmer in Tokyo who, tired of the state of the dating scene, decided to take her romantic fate into her own hands in maybe the best way we've ever heard, posting her list of romantic preferences (and yes, a few requirements, too) to GitHub in the hope that there is a romantic connection waiting in the wilderness of open source pet projects. We don't know how sanguine we'd be on that point, but when you're looking for a man who not only runs his own server, but will let you help him maintain it, well, there's a fighting chance that GitHub is just going to beat the pants off of OkCupid on that front.

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  8. Cambridge Offering Free Online Course on DIY OS Building for Raspberry Pi

    Want to build your own computer using the super cheap guts provided by Raspberry Pi but don't know where to start? Ever wanted to work in a customized operating system you know like the back of your hand? You're in luck. Cambridge University in the UK is offering a series of free courses online that will teach you how to build your own OS for Raspberry Pi from scratch in just 12 (relatively speaking) easy steps. Finally, all of us computer illiterates who were convinced that even we could design a better OS than Vista will have a chance to prove it.

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  9. Google Celebrates Turing’s 100th Birthday; Everyone Should

    You might have known that Google regularly creates special doodles for certain historic occasions. Today, of all days, is the birthday of Alan Turing -- the man often considered the father of computer science. He'd be marking his 100th were he still alive. To celebrate properly, the doodle even includes a rudimentary form of programming language.

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  10. Programmer Creates Algorithm to Find Waldo

    Because people with phenomenal computer skills get bored of simply being geniuses and need to exercise their genius every now and then, we, the human race, have found a way to make computers find Waldo. Over on collaborative programming site Stack Overflow, the question of how to easily make a computer find Waldo using computational software program Mathematica was posed, so the programmers collaborated and user Heike's solution seems to have done the job, garnering the most upvotes by a wide margin.

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  11. Man Uses World’s Most Difficult Computer Game to Create … A Working Turing Machine

    Continuing today's theme of incredibly ambitious projects carried out in city-building games -- someone has created a Dwarf Fortress city that operates, effectively, as a Turing machine.

    No, it's not called "MOAR-ia." Although it should be. For the uninitiated, Dwarf Fortress is to normal city-building games as the UNIX command line is to Windows: abstruse, catastrophically punishing of newbie mistakes, unfailingly esoteric in documentation, and thoroughly opaque in operation. In addition to its incredibly steep learning curve, Dwarf Fortress is an insanely difficult game. Forgot to bring along some lumber when you founded your city? Oops, all of your dwarves died. Left your gates open when the local Cyclops came by for a visit? Oops, all of your dwarves died. Accidentally hurled an elven emissary into a magma vent when he was just trying to offer you a trade agreement? Oops, all of your dwarves died. Also, the interface is entirely composed of ASCII-based graphics. Scared yet?

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  12. Valentine’s Day Special: the 10 Sexiest Programmers

    Whatever your plans are this Valentine's Day, we know you: you're yearning, aching for something, and you don't quite know what. Well, we think that we have just the thing to soothe your urges: a V-Day Power Grid featuring the 10 sexiest programmers ever to do some hard, hard coding. What's the true language of love: Yukihiro Matsumoto's Ruby, or Guido van Rossum's Python, or Larry Wall's Perl? Can open standards and cross-platform portability spice up a relationship? And who's got the largest stack variables? These answers, and more, in our rundown of  the 10 sexiest programmers.

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