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  1. Facebook Removes ‘Feeling Fat’ Emoji in Response to User Petition

    TMS commenters' "feeling phat" suggestion is still not an option, but I'll keep you posted.

    In an apparent response to a user petition asking Facebook to remove the 'feeling fat' emoji and acknowledge that 'fat is not a feeling,' the company announced yesterday that it would be removing the controversial option from the site.

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  2. Ghost in the Shell Fans Launch Petition Demanding Dreamworks Stop Whitewashing Asian Characters

    A fan petition asking Dreamworks to stop whitewashing has gained traction recently in response to Scarlett Johansson's casting as Major Motoko Kusanagi in Rupert Sanders' upcoming Ghost in the Shell adaptation.

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  3. The Imitation Game‘s Benedict Cumberbatch Joins Campaign To Pardon Gay Men In Britain

    In the wake of the Oscar nominated film The Imitation Game, Alan Turing's gotten a lot of attention in the public consciousness— but what often gets left out of his amazing story of code-breaking and computer geniusery is that in 1952, he was convicted of "gross indecency" for being gay and was forcibly chemically castrated by his government. A few years later, he was dead by suicide.

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  4. [UPDATED] Adam Baldwin’s Upcoming Appearance at Supanova Pop Culture Expo Incites Controversy

    For someone like Adam Baldwin, whose livelihood (and certainly his demand as a con guest) is fairly dependent on his relationship with fans, identifying as a Gamergater should be a career killer--and if women received the respect we deserve overall in nerd culture, it could be.

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  5. Fans Petition for Weird Al Super Bowl Halftime Show, We Might Watch the Super Bowl

    Or part of it, at least.

    Nerds, it's time. We have a chance to commandeer a mainstream cultural event and turn it into our own amazing nerdapalooza starring none other than Weird Al Yankovic. We've already mostly taken over movies, TV, and books—it's time to do something about sports by signing a petition for a Weird Al halftime show.

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  6. 10-Year-Old Girl Petitions For American Girl Doll With Wheelchair


    Melissa Shang is ten years old and she has more American Girl dolls than I ever had (read: none). But she's not satisfied. Shang, who has Muscular Dystrophy, would love for Mattel to create an American Girl doll who uses a wheelchair.

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  7. There’s a Petition to Name a Newly Discovered Planet “Gallifrey,” That’s the World We Live In the world's platform for lists of names of people who want silly things.

    A place where people can get together and ask for the important changes they want to see in the world sounds great. Then the Internet gets involved, and it becomes a place where people's "important changes" are Death Stars and TARDIS colored Empire State buildings. Now they're asking for a real planet to be called Gallifrey.

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  8. Petition Gets Really Meta with Request to End

    Thankfully, this petition is as meaningless as any other petition on is a website where anyone can start a petition to ask anyone for anything. It's non-binding, but gives people a voice to express their desire for something. Some people, like Adrian Alonso, are sick of hearing that voice. That's why he's petitioning to end itself.

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  9. The White House “We the People” Petition Site Gets a New API, Third-Party Sites and Apps Can Soon Host Petitions

    Does this mean more pointless petitions? Probably.

    Since we're a geek culture site we tend to focus on the sillier "We the People" petitions like asking Obama to recreate The Incredibles, give each state its own Pokémon, or build a Death Star. We have a feeling we'll be seeing more of these, because the White House is opening up the site's API to let third-party outlets host petitions.

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  10. Whovians Petition the White House to Put a Replica TARDIS On the Front Lawn

    Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

    You know, I'm not really sure this is the sort of thing the government's official petition site was meant to host...

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  11. Petition Demands Microsoft Reinstate Restrictive Xbox One Policies

    The people have spoken. Now can they be quiet again?

    Do you remember the olden days, when the Xbox One was going to restrict used game sales and require online check-ins? Are you annoyed that now that Microsoft conceded and went back on those policies, you have nothing to complain about on the Internet? Or did you just get used to the idea that Microsoft's picture of the future was a boot stamping on a human face every 24 hours? Never fear, someone on the Internet wants to return to the bold future of a few weeks ago. Over 2000 people have already signed a petition to Microsoft asking the company to return to its original, consumer-unfriendly plan.

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  12. Here’s a Thing That Exists: White House Petition for Obama to Recreate Scene From The Incredibles

    This is why the government doesn't want us to have nice things.

    As you can probably guess just by having basic knowledge of how humans on the internet behave, the White House's We The People website, which allows anyone to round up signatures and potentially secure a response from the U.S. government, is full of stupid joke petitions. The latest of these is a petition to have Barack and Michele Obama reenact the now-classic scene from The Incredibles in which Frozone begs his wife to find his super suit for him. Guys, come on. The man clearly has other stuff he should be worrying about.

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  13. White House Officially Agrees We Should Be Able to Unlock Our Phones

    When it's not wasting time answering demands to build a Death Star, the White House's We The People online petition site can actually be used to get real responses to legitimate concerns on issues facing Americans. Today, in response to a petition signed by over 114,000 people, the White House issued a response on the issue of it now being illegal to unlock cell phone. The response? They agree it should be legal, because of course it should.

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  14. Kickstarter Jumps the Shark, Offers Campaign to Fund a Death Star

    Fifty years from now, when we all look back at what once was, and we fondly remember how Kickstarter used to be a great way for artists and inventors to fund projects that might not otherwise be possible, we could very well remember this campaign as Kickstarter's jump-the-shark moment. After the White House refused to build a Death Star, someone started a joke Kickstarter campaign to build one anyway, and it already has more than 1,000 supporters.

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  15. White House Petition Organizers Make Critical Wishing-for-More-Wishes Mistake

    the internet is serious business

    Yesterday we brought you the story of the White House's petitions website, where any American can post a petition on an issue, and if that petition is signed 25,000 times, it gets addressed by the White House in an official statement. Well, after petitions to do things like build a Death Star and deport a British-born American newscaster for saying stuff about gun control reached that mark easily, and the threat of other internet-friendly petitions, that ask to build the Enterprise or for each state in the union to name a state pokémon looming nigh, the White House decided this week to raise the minimum number of signatures a petition requires. But according to a new petition on the site, they forgot a very important loophole.

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  16. The White House is Officially Sick of This Crap, Requires More Signatures for Petition Responses

    Since the Obama administration launched online petition site We The People in September 2011, the digital team at the White House has learned some valuable lessons about human behavior on the Internet -- namely, that if you offer people a forum for voicing their opinions on the Internet, they are mostly just going to troll you with demands for Death Stars and official state Pokemon and that they be allowed to go start their own country because they really don't like the way most people voted, which is how democracy works. While it's kind of disappointing that the digital team for the White House didn't apparently see this sort of thing coming -- you've seen the Internet before, right digital team? -- it seems like they're starting to get a handle on things, or at least stemming the tide of petitions that will require action. Yesterday, they announced that they are quadrupling the number of electronic signatures a petition needs to get to merit an official response from the government from 25,000 to 100,000.

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  17. The White House Pulls Petition for State Pokémon, Team Rocket Possibly Involved

    Next to demolition derbies and monstrously sized hamburgers unfit for human consumption, America can't seem to get enough of the innumerable, money-gauging critters from Japan known across the globe as Pokémon. Demonstrating that there's a clear difference between being a devoted fan and a lunatic who lacks a firm grasp on reality, one overzealous devotee of Pikachu and company felt that it was their patriotic duty to post a petition on the White House's We the People website advocating that the nation stop sitting idly on its hands and have each of the 50 states select their own Pokémon to represent them. With a demand as bizarre as this, it's no wonder that the petition was pulled. Guess the President is more partial to Digimon.

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  18. This Isn’t the Article on the White House’s Death Star Petition Response You’re Looking For

    As you may or may not be aware, there's a petition over on We the People, which is where folks post petitions to potentially receive an official response from the United State government, requesting that the Obama administration "[s]ecure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016." Like, Star Wars Death Star. Ordinarily, this would just be an amusing blip on the radar, covered by our sister site The Mary Sue back in December. That was before Paul Shawcross, Chief of the Science and Space Branch at the White House Office of Management and Budget, penned an official White House response to it.

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  19. White House Responds to Two Anti-SOPA Petitions

    Just because there is a system for everyday folks to submit petitions to the White House doesn't mean that the Obama administration has to respond. However, in the case of two anti-SOPA petitions, the White House decided to weigh in on the subject. Not to spoil it, but if you were hoping for a firm promise to veto the legislation, you're going to be disappointed. It's not all bad news, though, and the response does give insight into the stance of the Executive Branch of government on this hot-button topic.

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  20. This Anti-SOPA Petition Would Take Down Under SOPA

    So we've been covering SOPA a lot, specifically how horrible it is and how horribly it's going. On the dim, but bright side, someone listed as Ji S has created a beautifully simple illustration of how utterly ridiculous SOPA really is. Under SOPA as it currently stands, this anti-SOPA petition on would lead to a nationwide block of on the whole. The irony is delicious, isn't it?

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