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  1. Why Maggie Smith Has To Die At The End of Downton Abbey

    What should the final episode look like?

    It appears the mutterings about Downton Abbey ending were rooted in truth: series six is likely to be the ITV costume drama’s last.

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  2. In Sesame Street’s “Game of Chairs,” You Win Or You Try

    Grover Bluejoy is not messing around.

    Also... it looks suspiciously like musical chairs. But puppet Cersei's wig is on point.

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  3. Mini-Series Review: Wolf Hall’s Ending Makes it Worth the Journey

    You'll feel equal parts hate and sympathy for the ill-fated Anne Boleyn.

    The new PBS miniseries Wolf Hall, about the rise of King Henry's advisor Thomas Cromwell, is one of the few times I’ve watched a miniseries on Masterpiece Theater and thought “I wish this were a seasonal series.”

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  4. PBS Game/Show Tackles the Racist Pitfalls That Can Go Along With NPCs of Color in Video Games

    Yeah, I have always been a little side-eye about the Gerudo.

    Jamin Warren brings up a lot of good points about how the player agency which lies at the heart of most games often results in dehumanized NPCs, which become doubly problematic when PCs are majority white and/if NPCs are predominantly brown. He also tackles the common scifi/fantasy trope of using inter-species conflict as a metaphor for inter-racial conflict, one that I've been mulling over myself for a while now.

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  5. You Would Cry Too: Remembering LGBTQ Activist, Feminist Anthemist, and It’s My Party Singer Lesley Gore

    Renowned '60s girl-pop star, composer and actress Lesley Gore passed away yesterday in Manhattan at age 68 of lung cancer. The iconic singer is survived by her brother and mother as well as her partner of 33 years, Lois Sasson.

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  6. Jovian, The Live-Action Lemur Star Of Kratt Brothers’ Zoboomafoo, Has Passed Away At 20

    Me, and you, and our memories, Zoboomafoo.

    A scientific icon has left the treehouse. Jovian, the Coquerel's sifaka lemur known for playing the role of Zoboo on the PBS show Zoboomafoo, passed away earlier this week of kidney failure.

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  7. Video Gaming Has a Problem With Jumping Realism, and It’s Mario’s Fault

    Don't try this at home.

    Humans as a species are not actually very good at jumping, but you wouldn't know that if you looked at video games. And not just platformers, either; even the most realism-driven games sometimes allow players to bounce off the walls like it ain't no thing.  So why is this such a pervasive mechanic? According to PBS Game/Show, it all points back to Super Mario Bros.—and, of course, a heavy dose of wish fulfillment.

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  8. Cancel Your Friday Plans: Here Is Emma Thompson Totally Killing It In Sweeney Todd

    Bless my eyes! Fresh surprise!

    Here for your viewing pleasure is the grand dame of awesomeness totally slaying "God That's Good." Hit the jump for "Worst Pies in London" and to get details on a broadcast of the full performance.

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  9. FoodBuzz Looks at Cauliflower and Tells Kale to Take a Hike, Plus Game of Thrones Jokes

    Well now we're hungry for vegetables. Thanks a lot, PBS.

    Oh sure, kale's had a good run as the trendy vegetable for the last few years, but PBS FoodBuzz is here to make a case for cauliflower. Have host Chris Hauselt explain what's been making cauliflower so trendy recently, and also get a few great recipe suggestions like cauliflower steak or buffalo wings.

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  10. New PBS Digital Studios Show FoodBuzz Looks at Sriracha

    This video may have inspired me to take a lunch break.

    PBS Digital Studios has added a new webseries to its already impressive roster of great shows like Idea ChannelOff Book, and Game/Show. The new addition is FoodBuzz hosted by Chris Hauselt, and they're starting strong with an episode about sriracha.

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  11. SciShow Answers That Most Important Of Questions: Why Does Swiss Cheese Have Holes?

    But not "why is it so delicious," sadly.

    Yes, it is the question that has plagued mankind for generations, probably: why does tasty, tasty swiss cheese come filled with holes? The folks over at SciShow know the answer, and want to put you out of your curiosity-based misery. It's a fermentation thing. Who knew?

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  12. What Does Your Favorite Video Game Genre Say About You?

    A lot, but probably not as much as your Netflix recommendations. They've got you pegged.

    Mario or Zelda? Plants vs. Zombies or Farmville? MMO or puzzle game? These days, there's a video game genre out there to fit everyone's tastes, but if there's a game custom tailored to hit every possible market, what does a game genre say about the players who choose to play it? PBS Game/Show has some ideas.

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  13. PBS Explores Cosplay With One Of Our Own Editors!

    Fashion for Nonhumans

    Well, two, actually. Yes, in addition to Jill, I, Susana, am also in this video. But I'm not telling you who, though I will tell you that I appear more than once. Speculate at your leisure! Previously in Cosplay

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  14. Our Friend Bill Nye Talks Bow Ties in New PBS/NOVA Secret Life of Scientists Video

    Bow ties are cool, and science rules.

    Our friend Bill Nye is being profiled in the new PBS/NOVA series The Secret Life of Scientists that premieres March 4th. It's no secret that Nye is a fan of bow ties, and in this clip he answers a lot of questions about his fashion choice. I know the bow ties are the focus here, but that jacket though... Nye's got style.

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  15. Let’s Talk about the Science of Kissing with It’s Okay To Be Smart [Video]

    Ooh baby, I just want to slobber all up on your face and stuff.

    Kissing is fun, but it's also incredibly weird. Like, who was the first person to think, "Hey that person is cute, I would like to exchange saliva with them and possibly accidentally knock them in the teeth?" Luckily, the reassuringly titled PBS web series It's Okay To Be Smart is here to tell us just why kissing feels so good in the first place.

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  16. 2013’s Big Gaming Changes Brought to You by Game/Show

    You can get virtual fouls for real swearing in NBA 2K14, because Kinect is always listening. Creepy.

    2013 was a big year for gaming with new consoles and an explosion on Internet gaming spectatorship. Now that they year is drawing to a close, Game/Show is here to recap it all for you and take a look at what it means for the future in what is absolutely not an end-of-the-year list. Nope. Just an ordered explanation of numbered facts.

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  17. PBS Ideas Channel Asks: Doctor Who?

    Questions! Questions That Need Answering

    If the central feature of the Doctor is his unstableness... then who (or what) is "the Doctor?" Previously in PBS Ideas Channel

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  18. PBS Game/Show Moves Past Simply Asking if Games Are Racist and Instead Asks Why

    Please note that adding an awful stereotype character does not equal adding diversity to your game.

    PBS Game/Show points out racism in games and asks the more important question of why games are racist. Predominantly white characters may come from demographical misconceptions and slightly lame technical issues, but there's no excuse for the stereotype status of some racial depictions.

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  19. Finally: Sherlock Season 3 Has a US Premiere Date

    Officially Official

    Were you beginning to think it would never happen? Yeah, me too. PBS has reported that the consulting detective will be back on Sunday, January 19 at 10:00 pm.

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  20. PBS Ideas Channel Did an Episode on Night Vale So Come Watch it Now

    Consider the Following

    You clicked on the link and are delivered to this page. The video waits. It has always been waiting. Fingers growing numb, you fumble to play it, releasing it from its endless silence. It whispers, "Here's an idea. Welcome to Night Vale shows us how uncomfortable we are with the unknown."

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