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  1. Ingredients In Tequila May Fight Diabetes, Obesity, Inhibitions

    I must be the healthiest girl alive.

    America has a surprising new ally in our fight against diabetes and obesity: Dr.Jose Cuervo. New research shows that ingredients found in tequila may provide the healthiest way ever of satisfying your sweet tooth, and no not all of that research was conducted on St. Patrick's Day this past Monday.

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  2. Good Job, Humanity: You Made Ducks Obese

    Unfortunately, the fattest animals are often the cutest animals.

    You know what ducks eat in nature? Not white bread. Because that's people food. And when consumed all day, every day, makes people fat. So imagine what it does to something one-tenth our size: makes it really fat. Seriously: ducks are now eating enough bread to become obese and hurt their babies.

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  3. Obese Malaysian Orangutan Put On Strict Diet After Two Decades Of Eating Junk Food

    "Fine, but you can't make me exercise. I'm just gonna sit in this tree and mope."

    You know how they tell you not to feed the animals when you go to wildlife parks? They say they're trying to preserve the delicate balance of nature or whatever, but it's really because they don't want the animals to get fat and addicted to junk food. Jackie, the 22-year-old Malaysian orangutan who's currently twice the size that an orangutan should be, is just such a cautionary tale. She's... well, fat and addicted to junk food. And now she's on a strict diet to offset 20 years of eating all the crap that tourists at the park kept feeding her. Poor Jackie. Dieting sucks.

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  4. Frequency of Candy Consumption Not Linked to Obesity, Suggests Study Funded by Candy Lobbyist Group

    This news is much more palatable if you imagine that the candy lobby is being run by Oompa Loompas.

    According to a recently published study in Nutrition Journal, frequency of candy consumption is not linked to obesity. If that's not a shocker, they also suggest it isn't linked to other health risks such as heart disease. In related news, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that there is any correlation between interacting with water and getting wet. Feel free to eat as many Snickers in your bathtub as you deem fit, safe in the knowledge that you are the pinnacle of health and dryness.

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  5. Few Too Many Pounds? Trim Down With Bacteria From Your Buddy’s Gut

    There's always some new "breakthrough" in weight loss, touted by celebrities or TV personalities with pills, programs, or delicious new shakes. But you know what they're not touting, but actually could work? Ingesting the gut bacteria of someone slimmer than you. That's right. A new study finds that if you had the right bacteria transplant, losing weight might not be as much of a problem.

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  6. Obese Teen Males Have Less Testosterone

    Man, some dudes just can't catch a break. According to a study published online today in the journal Clinical Endocrinology, obese teen males have up to 50% less testosterone as their leaner counterparts, a condition that could lead an increased likelihood of impotence and infertility in adulthood. This, uh, this really isn't going to make it any easier to be a heavy dude in high school, and for that, we are sorry.

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  7. The Fat Get Fatter: Obese People Lose Immune Cells That Protect Against Obesity

    Researchers have discovered a type of immune cell in the body that fights obesity and may prevent the onset of metabolic syndrome, which can be a precursor to conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Here's the catch, though -- subjects in the study who were already obese showed diminished counts of these invariant natural killer T-cells (iNKT) suggesting that while your body will help to defend you from becoming obese, it's only to a point. Abusing the privilege may see these fat-fighting cells throw in the towel and storm out in disgust as you put away yet another helping from the Extra Value Menu, and really, who can blame them?

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  8. Fat Camp for Kittehs: Nation’s First Veterinary Obesity Clinic Opens Doors

    If you find the fat cat pictured above adorable, you're not alone. You're also kind of a monster, giggling at the nationwide health epidemic that is animal obesity. Animal obesity is not cute -- I mean, yeah, it's kind of cute, because look at the kitty's big furry belly! -- but a health scourge suffered by up to 60% and cats and dogs in the nation. The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University is moving to combat out of control weight gain in U.S. housepets, who are even more likely to be overweight than their increasingly pudgy human owners, by opening the Tufts' Veterinary Obesity Clinic.

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  9. Study: Rising Co2 Levels Are Making Us All Fat

    Tying together two of the most controversial topics of our time is a study which links rising carbon dioxide (Co2) levels to the so-called obesity epidemic. To be polemical, the greenhouse gas most often pointed to as the major contributor to global warming and climate change is making waistlines swell around the world. The research is the work of Danish researcher Lars-Georg Hersoug, who used data from a 22-year-long study on weight gain and heart health, and it could drastically change how we talk about these two issues. However, it could just be a classic case of correlation and not causation.

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  10. UK Ambulances Brace For Larger Patients

    The BBC is reporting that U.K. ambulance services are having to upgrade their equipment to handle an increasing number of heavy patients. Wider and heavy-duty stretchers, lifting apparatus, and automobile reinforcements are among some of the purchases. One London-based ambulance firm has purchased two "bariatric" vehicles with a third on the way.

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