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  1. Valentines Day is Coming, Here’s a Present for Anyone Drift Compatible With You


    Or at least this friendship necklace modeled after the emblem of Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori's jeager would be a great present for your drift compatible friend or loved one... if Etsy shop The Geek Studio hadn't sold out of them almost immediately. Ah well, that just means you'll have to keep checking back with them to see if they've put them back in stock. Check out Fashionably Geek for a few more pictures of the pendants. Previously in Pacific Rim

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  2. Thing We Saw Today: Eight[h Doctor] of Hearts

    Things We Saw Today

    TeeFury continues their collection of Doctor Who playing card tees with this excellent homage to the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann. This tee gives you both the TV movie and "Night of the Doctor" incarnations of Eight, so you can have your handsome any way you like.

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  3. Just In Case You Wanted A Personal Magic Weak Spot, Glow in the Dark Shadow of the Colossus Pendants

    Not all that glitters is gold

    The nerdy jewelry fix is a powerful one. And once you've gotten a few hits of Triforce pins and 1-up pendants, the popular stuff just doesn't do it for you anymore. You need something rarer. Obscurity is the best high. Well it doesn't get more video game connoisseur than wearing a glow in the dark replica of the special spot that all the colossi in Team ICO's Shadow of the Colossus get morally ambiguously stabbed in. Just watch out for tiny men on tiny horses with tiny magical swords. Here's what it looks like in the dark:

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  4. Handmade Jewelry Crafted From Star Wars and MLP Miniatures

    this exists

    Etsy shop Rockets and Rainbows has a selection of tiny Star Wars and My Little Pony toys that naturally... had to be converted to jewelry. Sadly, this snowspeeder is the only ring available (because who doesn't want little starships on your fingers) but the rest of the earrings, necklaces, and even a Boushh locket with a tiny Princess Leia and frozen Han Solo inside it are not to be missed.

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  5. This Necklace is Quidditch, Your Argument is Invalid

    Not all that glitters is gold

    Three rings, two bludgers, a quaffle, a broom, and a golden snitch. That's a game of quidditch. Previously in Jewelry

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  6. Prettiest Piece of Heart Necklace I’ve Seen All Day

    Not all that glitters is gold

    The Pixel Smith is just starting out in this big wide world of selling nerdy jewelry and accessories, but if their first offering is any indication, it's probably a good thing that they're stress testing their website. This Piece of Hard Pendant, based on designs from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, is as pretty as it gets, and for less than $25... well. I imagine they're going to get a lot of preorders. Previously in Nerdy Jewelry

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  7. No Contest! This Color Shifting Smashball Pendant Wins Every Match

    Not all that glitters is gold

    Walk around with this on all day, and your opponents will know: you could blast them over the horizon with a Final Smash any time you want. You've got the Smashball. (Critical Hit! Collectibles also does a great service to all Revolutionary Girl Utena fans: providing a good looking, low cost Rose Duelist ring.) Previously in Jewelry

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  8. These Necklaces are Groan Worthy


    Tatty Devine is offering a limited series of groaning necklaces that amuse us to no end. And just think, if you get this necklace and the one below, you could make a pretty good Mutant Enemy Productions cosplay!

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  9. Boy Hides $800 Gold Necklace in Muffin to Surprise Girlfriend, Girlfriend Eats Muffin

    Whenever I watch a television show or movie where some guy hides an engagement ring inside his girlfriend's glass of champagne, I'm always terrified that she is not going to notice the ring, drink the champagne, and swallow the jewelry. The scenario never fails to make me anxious, because it seems totally plausible that it would happen in real life.

    22-year-old Xaio Li bought his girlfriend, Wang Xue, an $800 necklace for her birthday and, in an attempt to surprise her, hid it in a muffin he baked for her. Li presented the pastry gift wrapping to Xue at her birthday party, then watched in horror as she ate the whole thing, swallowing the necklace.

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  10. Ridiculously Intricate, Kind of Gross Necklaces Made of Human Hair

    Creative art student from Cambridge, England Kerry Howley was inspired by people's aversion to cut hair -- something that, admittedly, isn't the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at spread out all over a salon's floor -- and felt since hair is usually worn with pride until it is severed from the body, she created extremely intricate, delicate necklaces made of "severed" human hair in an attempt "to create a delicate balance between the viewer/wearer’s feelings of aversion and attraction."

    The hair for the necklaces was provided by one of Howley's mother's friends, a Japanese woman with hair down to her waist who only cuts it once every five years. When she did cut her it, she gave the 30 cm of discarded hair to Howley. Howley then used broken saw blades to cut and weave the discarded hair into shapes inspired by wallpaper patterns. She has worked over sixty hours on each of the five necklaces she has created so far, the rest of which are pictured past the jump.

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