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Boy Hides $800 Gold Necklace in Muffin to Surprise Girlfriend, Girlfriend Eats Muffin

Whenever I watch a television show or movie where some guy hides an engagement ring inside his girlfriend’s glass of champagne, I’m always terrified that she is not going to notice the ring, drink the champagne, and swallow the jewelry. The scenario never fails to make me anxious, because it seems totally plausible that it would happen in real life.

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22-year-old Xaio Li bought his girlfriend, Wang Xue, an $800 necklace for her birthday and, in an attempt to surprise her, hid it in a muffin he baked for her. Li presented the pastry gift wrapping to Xue at her birthday party, then watched in horror as she ate the whole thing, swallowing the necklace.

Li explains Xue ate the muffin too quickly:

“I thought it would show how much I love her and it would be a good joke too…but before I could say anything, she’d swallowed it in one bite and I had to tell her the truth on the way to hospital.”

An x-ray showed the necklace was indeed in Xue’s stomach, and surgeons were able to successfully remove the gift during endoscopic surgery. Xue is fine, and the necklace has been retrieved, but Li fears Xue won’t appreciate the gift as much now because it will forever be associated with endoscopic surgery.

“She got her necklace back eventually, but I’m not sure she will ever feel very comfortable wearing it even though I spent hours cleaning it for her.”

Hours, Xue. Hours.

(via Weird Asia News)

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