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  1. Greg Berlanti Says It’s “Well Past” Time For A Supergirl Show; Bruce Timm Working On Gritty Justice League Series

    Consider us super-pumped.

    "We're well past due for those kind of characters in film and TV. I've gotten a number of messages from friends and former coworkers who write me about their daughters wearing superhero outfits instead of princess outfits and how they're grateful that people are working on it. I definitely think there's a need."

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  2. Machinima’s The Gable 5 Takes a Violent Look at a World Without War

    Eliza Dushku sure kicks a lot of ass in under ten minutes.

    Machinima just released their new short film The Gable 5 which was directed and co-written by Mortal Kombat Legacy creator Kevin Tancharoen. It's a sci-fi/action scene that sets up the opportunity for Eliza Dushku to kick a lot of ass -- something she does very well.

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  3. Arrrrrre You Watching The First Episode Of Starz’s Pirate Show Black Sails On Machinima Right Now?

    Yarrrr, I'll sweep your poop deck!

    Machinima has debuted the premiere of the new Starz show, Black Sails, today - a week before the show starts on TV! So if you like your Pirate Booty manly (and who doesn't), go ahead and check out the hour-and-a-bit long first episode of the Michael Bay-produced arrrrrr-dventure.

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  4. Watch the First Episode of Black Sails a Week Before it Airs on Starz

    This seems more like how pirates actually behaved.

    Starz heard you kids like pirates, so they're making the pirate series Black Sails. The show premieres January 25th, but if you can't wait that long, you'll be able to watch the first episode a week early on January 18th, thanks to our friends at Machinima. For now though, you can at least check out the trailer.

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  5. Watch Next-Generation Consoles Battle It out as Giant Robots to Decide the Console War [Video]

    Can we settle the actual console war this way to make the fanboys stop whining?

    In this surprisingly accurate video (the PlayStation 4 is the first on the scene, the Xbox One can't compete without Master Chief's help, and the Wii U is an adorable little plaything), Machinima sums up the console war with giant robots trying to blow each other up. Really, if you want to explain something to us, that's probably the best method.

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  6. Watch an Awesome Live Action Recreation of the Dead Island Trailer [Video]

    Most video game trailers would look silly recreated in real life, but this is a notable exception.

    The Dead Island trailer was pretty much the best video game trailer ever made, because it wasn't so much a trailer as it was a very short, computer generated zombie movie that was better than a lot of full-length zombie movies. Watch Machinima's amazing live action version, but be prepared to feel things, unless you are dead inside. Or a zombie.

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  7. Half-Life Fan Film Raise the Bar Just Went Live

    Just the incredibly graphic story of a man and his crowbar.

    The humble crowbar is an iconic weapon in Half-Life, but what's the story behind that particular crowbar, and how did Gordon Freeman get his hands on it? This fan film by Joe Miale just released on Machinima has the answer, and a whole lot of dead scientists. Take a look.

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  8. We Recap the Second Half of Season Two of Mortal Kombat Legacy

    Well we certainly didn't see that fatality coming.

    Season two of Mortal Kombat Legacy came out yesterday, and we quickly burned through the first five episodes. Today we watched the rest of the season, and it's incredible. Let's take a look at what happens in episodes six through ten.

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  9. Mortal Kombat Legacy Season Two Just Hit the Web and We’ve Got All the Episodes Right Here

    Ready... BINGE WATCH!

    Happy Mortal Kombat Legacy Day everyone! We're not sure if that's a real holiday, but we think it should be. We're real excited to watch the rest of season two. We got an early look at the first three episodes, and that's right where things get good, so we can't wait for the rest. All the episodes are live right now, so we won't have to.

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  10. We Spoke With Mortal Kombat Legacy Director Kevin Tancharoen About Season Two

    Ready... Interview!

    Season two of the Machinima series Mortal Kombat Legacy kicks off tomorrow, and we're pretty pumped about it. So much so that we spoke with its director Kevin Tancharoen about the series, and a lot about fatalities, because Tancharoen assures us -- there will be fatalities.

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