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Machinima’s The Gable 5 Takes a Violent Look at a World Without War

Eliza Dushku sure kicks a lot of ass in under ten minutes.

Machinima just released their new short film The Gable 5 which was directed and co-written by Mortal Kombat Legacy creator Kevin Tancharoen. It’s a sci-fi/action scene that sets up the opportunity for Eliza Dushku to kick a lot of ass — something she does very well.

Tancharoen describes it as, “a sci-fi, futuristic version of The Truman Show.” There are some loose similarities, but I don’t remember as much gunfire in TrumanGable is violent and intense, and we’ve come to expect nothing less for Tancharoen. The official description reads:

In a remote location, a secret facility exists unlike anything the world has ever seen. Run by Dr. Conrad Gable, a renowned neurologist, the facility is years ahead of it’s time when it comes to the technology it’s using to research the human body. With an unlimited budget backed by a classified department of the government, Dr. Gable’s motives appear to be for the greater good of humanity. – The chance to create a drug so powerful it could be used to win every battle, every war, with no casualties.

Now all he needs are, 5 test subjects…

So if Dushku is the first test subject… are we getting four more of these? We certainly wouldn’t mind.

(via Machinima)

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