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Try Not to Get Nauseous Watching First Person Sonic The Hedgehog [Video]

So would Tails' POV be kinda like Google Earth in comparison?

It seems like all the biggest games that come out right now are all designed to be in the first person. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the time of side-scrollers? Or, you know, take those side-scrollers we all loved as kids and update them in the most dizzy-inducing way possible? Because that’s what Filipe Costa did. It’s like virtual those roller coaster videos, but better!

Side note: Is it weird that I was almost disappointed by this? Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool as all get-out, especially that part when you fall through the ground and almost land on a whole bunch of spikes. But I kinda wanted to go faster. Like, a lot faster. And also maybe encounter a boss battle and free some adorable 3D critters from a container or something. You know, Sonic stuff.

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