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  1. Get to Know the Newest Writers of The Mary Sue From Team Geekosystem

    We're from Starfleet Geekosystem! We don't lie!

    Now that the star system Geekosystem has officially joined the United Federation of Mary Sue, we thought you'd like to get to know some of the newest recruits a little better. Sure, you saw us all kicking butt and super-smashing in Leigh Lehav's amazing Merger Initiative video, but we also wrote a lot for our little geeky site, since it was kind of our job and all. Now we want to tell you all about ourselves and show you some of our favorite posts we've worked on.

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  2. Questions About Our Merger With Geekosystem? We’re Hosting a Reddit AMA at 2:00PM ET

    We know a lot of you have questions about today's news that we've merged with Geekosystem, and we'd like to answer them. That's why today at 2:00PM ET we'll be answering questions on Reddit.

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  3. Yes, This Is Real Life: The Mary Sue & Geekosystem Are Joining Forces!


    If you're a frequent visitor of Abrams Media sites, you might have already heard the news. The Mary Sue and Geekosystem are merging! If you're excited/worried at the prospect, please watch this highly informative video we've put together just for you!

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  4. A Quick Note on Our Editorial Stance in Response to Someone Who Doesn’t Like It

    We were shocked -- SHOCKED -- to learn not everyone likes our opinions.

    Yesterday morning we received an email from reader Brad M. titled "Some Feedback A Long Time Coming..." it was, as advertised, feedback in response to how Brad M. feels we are in his words, "polarizing more towards a very specific political and philosophical stance." We've decided to answer his concerns publicly.

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  5. The Walking Dead Recap, 4×10: “Inmates”


    The zombie enthusiasts at Geekosystem are recapping season 4b of The Walking Dead so we don't have to. Feel free to talk about what went down last night in the comments below. Or talk about stuff and things. Wait — what’s this? Another episode with minimal to no Rick Grimes? The second half of this season is looking better and better all the time.

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  6. The Walking Dead Recap, 4×9: “After”


    The Walking Dead came back last night after its mid-season hiatus, and we're not recapping it, but Victoria over at Geekosystem did. So we're sticking close to her in the opposite sort of way as Carl sticks close to the house. Want to talk about the episode and your hopes for the rest of the season? To the comments section! Welp, it was a few months of quiet, zombie-less Sunday nights, but now The Walking Dead is back to reel us in and frustrate us endlessly. The half-season split finale was pretty intense, so let’s see what the aftermath has in store for us with “After.” Aw, I see what they did there.

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  7. Watch Out For The Poehler Vortex

    I See What They Did There

    This joke may have been going around a bit this week but we're pretty sure our fellow nerd journalist Glen Tickle from Geekosystem was the first to photoshop it. Please give him all the props. Oh yeah, and check out Geekosytems's post on just what this "polar vortex" thing is all about. If you want to learn something. Learning is fun! Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  8. How the Heck Do You Pronounce “Doge,” Anyway?


    We’ve been having this discussion in the office for a while now, and since this beloved meme is getting more and more press coverage with the creation and subsequent hacking of the dogecoin, it’s only becoming more and more of an issue. How exactly do you say “doge?”

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  9. This Doctor Who Version Of A-Ha’s “Take on Me” Is Almost Better Than The Original

    The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

    Our sister site, Geekosystem, had posted a fantastic Doctor Who video in honor of the 50th anniversary, put together by Richard Swarbrick and Eva Wagner. The animation was set to the tear-inducing "Doomsday" theme from the series but Victoria realized it would look great set to A-ha's "Take on Me." And now YouTuber TheFlixx has paired them officially. Put on your dancing shoes. (via GeekosystemAre you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  10. The Walking Dead Recap, 4×8: “Too Far Gone”


    I understand that something happened on The Walking Dead last night and you might want a recap and a place to discuss it and so we offer you this one written by Geekosystem's own Victoria, and our comments section. Last time on The Walking Dead: the Governor has a new set of pawns (get it because CHESS and SYMBOLISM) to go throw at the characters we actually care about. Except Carol, of course. Miss u, boo.

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