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Start the Year Off With a Bang by Following Us on Social Media


It’s a brand new year, and it’s essentially a brand new Geekosystem. Our four editors — which is one more than we’ve ever had before — are ready and willing to take on the world of geek. From privacy policy shenanigans and foxes stealing phones to Star Trek and Adventure Time, Geekosystem runs the gamut of interests. In short, we cover the Internet and the things the Internet likes. We are become Internet. In order to keep up with all our shenanigans, you should follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. That is, if you don’t already.

It’s fairly simple, too. We’ll even make it exceedingly so for you. Twitter is by far the easiest way to keep up with us:

Facebook’s certainly not far behind, though, if that’s your sort of thing:

Google+ is still a thing too, so we can be found there as well:

Pretend this is a sweet button like all the other ones. We promise it goes to our Google+ page.

Last but not least, we actually have a Pinterest:

Follow Me on Pinterest

We — myself, Ian, Glen, and Steven — look forward to a fun and fruitful year, and we hope you’ll share it with us.

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