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Get to Know the Newest Writers of The Mary Sue From Team Geekosystem

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Now that the star system Geekosystem has officially joined the United Federation of Mary Sue, we thought you’d like to get to know some of the newest recruits a little better. Sure, you saw us all kicking butt and super-smashing in Leigh Lehav’s amazing Merger Initiative video, but we also wrote a lot for our little geeky site, since it was kind of our job and all. Now we want to tell you all about ourselves and show you some of our favorite posts we’ve worked on.

So here we are, in order how long we’ve written under the Geekosystem mantle (starting with the newest hire):

carolyn pic

Carolyn at the Mary Sue office, with special cameo by Dan Van Winkle

Carolyn Cox

As the newest addition to the Geekosystem team, I’m extremely humbled to be joining The Mary Sue community and helping grow this super-blog. Until recently, I wouldn’t have even called myself a “geek.” I grew up largely without computers and video games, and I’ve always had less of an encyclopaedic knowledge of the universes and stories I love than other fans might. But The Mary Sue is such an obviously inclusive community that I want to be honest about what I do bring to the table: a pure love for fantasy and science fiction, a fascination with space, and an endless love for the weird. In my old life at Geekosystem I wrote primarily about the Universe, bizarre research studies, movies, and accidents involving pasta. It would be my greatest joy and honor to do the same for you here, while also taking up the admirable mantle The Mary Sue has always carried by calling for for diversity and media accountability. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

dan pic

Dan (L) at last year’s TMS NYCC party, pictured with Glen Tickle

Dan Van Winkle

Greetings, Mary Sue readers! Like Voltron, we have come together as nine mighty nerds to form one unstoppable defender of the nerdiverse. While my strongest skills lie in science and gaming and trying to explain the two to our readers in a humorous and relatable way, all of our interests are tied together to form a blazing sword that will destroy our… yeah, I’m getting too into the Voltron thing.

I like to have fun with the things I write and will often pick stories based on whether or not I can kick them off with a good joke, so I hope you have fun with them, too—Ooh! Or we could be a Megazord! So many options. Anyway, here are some of the posts I’ve written in the past that give a pretty good sense of my actual opinions and also my sense of humor.

Sam playing the game of thrones.

Sam playing the game of thrones.

Sam Maggs

Hello Mary Sue-ians! I’m so stoked to be coming off my first two days as Weekend Editor for TMS, and I hope you liked what you saw – you also might know me from the Penny Dreadful reviews I’ve been writing here for a while. Like my fellow Weekend Editor, Becky, I’m a distance member of the TMS staff, and I’m currently hailing from the Kingdom of the North (Toronto). Among other things, I’m a games journalist for one of Canada’s national newspapers; a Master of Victorian fiction; a Doctor Who scholar; a sometimestelevision personality; and always yelling on the internet. I was also voted “Awesome Geek Feminist of 2013,” and I’m one-half of the two-lady Let’s Play duo “the c_ntrollers.

I mostly like to write about ladies in geekery, Stargate, YA lit, Pacific Rim, BioWare games, Carol Danvers, and Jeff Goldblum.

victoria pic

Victoria at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama

Victoria McNally

What up, nerds! (I use that term affectionally, Liz Lemon style.) If my name looks particularly familiar already, it might be I took over The Walking Dead recaps for both of our sites, which have occasionally been cross posted here to TMS from Geekosystem. I also participated in Jill and Rebecca’s recent roundtable discussion about  that episode of Game of Thrones, and I am the resident office expert on Sailor Moon. You’ve probably already heard about my steadily growing collection of sailor senshi action figures. They are fully articulated. You are right to be jealous.

I’ve been a Mary Sue reader for longer than I’ve been a Geekosystem writer and am so, so excited to now be a part of the team. My interests were always more entertainment news and feminism/social justice-related, but I’m also glad that we also get to keep writing about science and space stuff. Best of both worlds, hooray!

glen pic

BatGlen, pictured with the Babby Wonder

Glen Tickle

I started writing at Geekosystem in November, 2012 where I covered a wide range of topics like science, space, technology, comedy, chess, and answering weird math-related questions like “How much money could you possibly win in one game of Jeopardy!” or “Could 1,000 monkeys with typewriters ever really type Hamlet?” Although those kind of posts don’t come up that often, they’re some of my favorite to write.

Besides writing, I’m also a comedian. I really like it when something from the comedy world bleeds over into geek culture so I have an excuse to write about it like how comedian Lauren Reeves is still being considered for a spot on the Mars One Mission. The Mars One mission itself is something I’ve written about a number of times, because I’m not convinced it’s anything more than a reality show.

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