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The Walking Dead Recap, 4×9: “After”


The Walking Dead came back last night after its mid-season hiatus, and we’re not recapping it, but Victoria over at Geekosystem did. So we’re sticking close to her in the opposite sort of way as Carl sticks close to the house. Want to talk about the episode and your hopes for the rest of the season? To the comments section!

Welp, it was a few months of quiet, zombie-less Sunday nights, but now The Walking Dead is back to reel us in and frustrate us endlessly. The half-season split finale was pretty intense, so let’s see what the aftermath has in store for us with “After.” Aw, I see what they did there.

Last half-season on The Walking Dead: A huge plague swept through the prison and killed a whole bunch of people. Carol admitted to murdering Tyrese’s girlfriend in an attempt to stop the spread of the disease, and Rick sent her away. Her young ward/fake daughter, Lizzie, is proooobably a psychopath. Bob, the new guy, totally used to be on The Wire and also has a drinking problem. Oh, yeah, and the Governor took over a new group of survivors and attempted to wage war on the prison settlement but got stabbed by Michonne after using her sword to decapitate Hershel, and also we don’t know what happened to Judy but probably not something good.

We open on an eerily familiar scene (you know, after a weird CGI zoom-in): it’s the prison camp, complete with exploded tank, partially eaten horse, and decomposing Governor. Naturally, it’s swarming with walkers. Michonne is casually slicing her way through anything that comes near her and looking very… off. In shock, still? Convinced that the battle was her fault because she stopped looking for the Governor herself? It sure seems that way, especially when she lures two walkers near the barbed wooden fence and makes them her new armless, jawless security zombies — she’s definitely on her own again. Then, to really nail the symbolism, she comes across Hershel’s now reanimated head and stabs it dead. Aww. No more friends for Michonne.

Read the rest at Geekosystem.

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