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  1. Search Your Listings, You Know It to Be True: Disney May Be Planning Marvel and Star Wars TV Channels

    A special TV event horizon.

    Demonstrating characteristic restraint, Disney has announced possible plans for channels or streaming services dedicated solely to Marvel and Star Wars content.

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  2. Get a Good Look at The Force Awakens’ Brand-New Millennium Falcon, Plus Frank Oz Returns For Star Wars Rebels

    Gaze at it, you will.

    It's a Star Wars newstravaganza!

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  3. New Star Wars Attractions Coming To Disney Theme Parks, Will Be Based On The New Movies

    But I wanna blow up a DEATH STAR!

    If your first thought upon seeing the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was "whatever that weirdo circular droid is, I wanna ride it," then your dreams might soon come true. Yesterday, Walt Disney Co-Chief Bob Iger announced that the company is looking to expand its theme parks to include new Star Wars-based rides and attractions—but only ones which are based on the upcoming films.

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  4. Get a Look at Episode VII’s Chewbacca in the Star Wars Day Selfie

    What a wookiee.

    While the full cast announcement may have come a few days early for Star Wars Day, fans still got a treat in the form of a shot on the Star Wars Instagram account with Chewbacca looming over Disney Chairman Bob Iger's shoulder.

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  5. Disney Announces Everything: Incredibles 2, Star Wars Set 30 Years Later

    We just got some hard information about one of the most asked-for sequels in the history of intellectual property owned by Disney. Yes, I'm talking about The Incredibles. Also we got some info on Star Wars.

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  6. The Star Wars: Episode VII Team Would Like An Extension On Their Homework, Please. To 2016.

    May The Force Be With You

    Just last week we had word Star Wars: Episode VII was switching writers. As you can imagine, that didn't instill many of us with hopeful thoughts about the next installment of the franchise, due in theaters 2015. As it turns out, the folks working on the film seem to be a little concerned as well. So much so they asked for the film to be pushed back a year. But Disney's CEO said no. 

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  7. Standalone Star Wars Films Really Happening, Prepare to Empty Your Wallet [UPDATE]

    The rumors floating around about a series of standalone Star Wars films have now been confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger: Yes, these are really, truly in development. Then again, of course there are standalone Star Wars films in the works. Disney owns both Lucasfilm and Marvel, and Marvel's been doing a smashing job with their movie lineup. It only makes sense that Disney, wanting the same success for Lucasfilm, would take the same approach with Star Wars. Let's all just pray they actually focus on good characters.

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  8. Disney Confirms Standalone Star Wars Films; How Long Before They Get to Boba Fett: The Movie? [UPDATE: Not Long]

    May The Force Be With You

    You know they will. A few months back we heard the rumor that The Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasdan and X-Men: First Class' Simon Kinberg would be writing standalone films separate from the Star Wars sequel trilogy. And now Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed it.

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  9. Disney’s Purchase of LucasFilm is Officially, Legally Complete. Now Tell Us Who’s Directing Episode VII!

    I will make it legal!

    You didn't realize it wasn't complete already? Neither did I, really. But it makes sense. When you're selling a company for $4 billion, there are going to be a lot of legal hoops to jump through. But, as of last Friday, jumped through they are. LucasFilm has officially been sold to Disney for $4.06 billion, slightly higher than the original selling price because of Disney's stock value. It's as set in stone as Han Solo at the end of The Empire Strikes Back... except that was carbonite, not stone. And he was thawed out later. Oh, shut up. My brain's already in Christmas mode.

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  10. Be Still My Beating Heart; Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg Might Be Writing Star Wars Spinoffs Instead of Episodes VIII and IX

    May The Force Be With You

    Hey, it's been like a whole week since we've had any real Star Wars news, hasn't it? Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, here's an interesting tidbit: You remember how it was reported that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg would probably be writing Episodes VIII and IX? And that LucasFilm hadn't confirmed it, but various reliable sources were treating it as a sure thing? Turns out it's not so sure after all. As it turns out, Kasdan and Kinberg are (probably) still writing Star Wars films... but they might be spinoffs focusing on secondary characters, not Episodes VIII and IX. Disney. Give me my Rogue Squadron movie. Or Wraith Squadron. That is also acceptable. Or both!

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  11. Joss Whedon Confirmed for Avengers Sequel and Marvel Television Show

    Joss Whedon finally looks to be getting his due. In an earnings call yesterday, Disney CEO Bob Iger dropped the bomb that not only had Whedon signed an exclusive deal to write and direct a second Avengers movie, but he will also help develop a new live-action Marvel television show for ABC. Given that The Avengers has grossed $1.46 billion for Marvel and parent company Disney since May, this seems like a pretty good idea.

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  12. Marvel/Disney to Retain Rights to Jack Kirby’s Estate


    After a legal battle lasting about two years, Marvel/Disney have successfully retained their rights to the estate of legendary comic book creator Jack Kirby, marking a rare loss for intellectual property lawyer Marc Toberoff. On Kirby's behalf, Toberoff sued for the rights to materials featuring characters such as Captain America, The X-Men, The Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor and had sent notices to Marvel/Disney -- and all the other companies who have been making money off these characters -- to stop publishing Kirby's work back in 2009, terminating their copyrights. Well, the judgment is in, and Marvel will retain ownership.

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  13. Take This However You Like: Pixar Says It Won’t Make Marvel Movies

    and let it be known

    On the face of it it makes perfect sense: Pixar is a vital part of the Disney machine right now, and one of its founding members, John Lasseter, is the chief creative officer of the whole animation shebang. Now that Disney is the film studio and mother company of all not-previously attached Marvel Comic projects, why wouldn't Pixar tackle one or more of Marvel's characters? But according to John Lasseter himself, it won't be happening.

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