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Disney Trades CEO Bob Iger for Bob Chapek. A Bob for a Bob, If You Will.

It's a Bob eat Bob world out there.

Bob Iger and Bob Chapek. Made on Photoshop

image: Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Invictus and Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Disney is a big organization. One might call it a monopoly! But that’s an entirely different conversation than the one I currently want to have. From 2005 until today, Bob Iger has been the CEO of Disney, helping to birth the Marvel Cinematic Universe and going through labor a second time to bring Star Wars back to life.

While news broke back in August that Bob Iger planned on stepping down after 2021, the discussion was seemingly still happening over who would be his successor. There was a Kevin Mayer in the mix but he did not have the Robert credentials needed to take on the title of Bobert of the Mouse corporation.

But news broke this afternoon that Bob Iger’s replacement came from the Robert pool over at Disney! The Robertdom of the Mouse’s House continues as Bob Chapek takes over as CEO, effective immediately. Bob Iger will remain on as Executive Chairman throughout the rest of his contract, though.

Chapek, who was Chairman of Disney Parks, now takes on the bigger Bob shoes. Why does no one call the high up Bob “Robert” and then as we go down, the varying nicknames associated with the name? I’m just saying Disney, get it together. I guess it’s a display of one’s power to be in charge of the fiefdom that is Disney and still go by “Bob.”

Like many, I have been a mess of making Bob jokes ever since the news hit the airwaves because come on. Just imagine when things get stressed out at Disney, everyone is like:

Mad Men gif "not great bob"

image: AMC

So let’s buckle in, look at the jokes currently hitting Twitter, and then unpack what a Bob for a Bob means when I’m not cackling over just swapping Bobs. They’re bobbing for Bob!

After successfully launching his most recent project, the Disney+ streaming network, Iger likely felt like this was an optimal time to retire. Investors aren’t as sure, even if we’re getting another Bob. Shares of Disney fell about 2.5% in after-hours trading. But time will tell what fate holds in store for this Bob-swap.

Bob, we wish you well. Bob, congratulations. Future Bob? Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Anyway, this is what Disney’s offices look like.

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