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  1. [Product Review] Get a Nio Tag and Stop Losing Stuff

    A pricey but effective solution to a common problem.

    Always misplacing your stuff? The Nio Tag from Bluenio does is a small, simple device that pairs with a smartphone app meant to solve that problem and more. Bluenio sent us one to review, and we tried it out for all its intended uses and then some. Here's what we thought.

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  2. [Product Review] The Rokit Boost Rectangle Is a Bluetooth Speaker That Seems Bigger on the Inside

    I guess they couldn't call it the Rokit Boost TARDIS?

    Rokit Boost sent us their portable Bluetooth speaker "Rectangle" to test out. The Rectangle is little, but it's fierce. Standing at under three inches tall and less than six inches long, we were really surprised by the quality of sound and the sheer volume the Rectangle could throw out.

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  3. Thing That Should Have Been There On Day One Finally Coming to Apple TV

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to type Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood into a Netflix search using a remote that only has three buttons? It takes a week and a half. It's unacceptable, but that's what Apple TV owners like me have had to deal with for too long now. Finally, though, Apple is going to be fixing an obvious oversight and let owners pair their Apple TV with a Bluetooth keyboard thanks to a software update.

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  4. Bluetooth Toothbrush Has Its Own Smartphone App, Is Blue

    It's 2012, and although we may not all own flying cars and hoverboards, or be universally treated by horrifying robot doctors, we will soon have a bluetooth toothbrush with its own smartphone app, a bluetooth toothbrush that is also blue; it's a blue bluetooth toothbrush, a bluetoothbrush or "bluthbrush" if you will. Ain't that a mouthful?

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  5. Android Bluetooth Breathalyzer

    If you've never been drunk with a breathalyzer at hand, I'm not sure that I can recommend it, but I can say that it's an interesting experience. Al Linke seems to think it's interesting too, as he's been working on increasingly feature-laden breathalyzers. It all started with a project to make a talking breathalyzer that could tweet your BAC and read you the weather, if you wanted it to. The next step Linke took, was to create one with Bluetooth capability than can interface with Android phones via the IOIO board. Basically, you can use this wireless Breathalyzer to do all sorts of things on your phone.

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  6. Dialing Your Cellphone With Your Thoughts Alone

    Researchers from the University of California in San Diego have developed a Bluetooth device that allows the wearer to dial a ten-digit number using their thoughts alone. Their experimental device was the subject of a recent study, published in the Journal of Neural Engineering. In their study, volunteers wore special electrode-laden headgear and were shown a screen with the numbers zero through nine, similar to a phone's touch-tone dialing pad. The difference was that each number flashed at a slightly different speed. By concentrating on the number they wished to dial, the device detected the speed of the flashing number by observing the user's brain activity. It's a bit tedious, but the researchers found users could control the system with 70-85% accuracy.

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  7. If You Want to Talk on This Bluetooth Headset, You’ll Have to Shoot Yourself in the Head

    Mount Holly, Minnesota's always-delightful Mayor Mike Haeg has devised this interesting Bluetooth earpiece using a child's plastic toy gun. The speaker is in the muzzle of the gun, so in order to take calls, Mayor Mike has to point the gun at his head and pull the trigger, which activates it, as you can intuit by looking at the picture of the gun's insides to the above left.

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