If You Want to Talk on This Bluetooth Headset, You’ll Have to Shoot Yourself in the Head

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Mount Holly, Minnesota’s always-delightful Mayor Mike Haeg has devised this interesting Bluetooth earpiece using a child’s plastic toy gun. The speaker is in the muzzle of the gun, so in order to take calls, Mayor Mike has to point the gun at his head and pull the trigger, which activates it, as you can intuit by looking at the picture of the gun’s insides to the above left.

Outside of Minnesota’s smallest town, he might have a problem using this in public, what with all the concerned people and law enforcement officials wrestling him down, but we think it’s morbidly funny. Creepier yet, he’s currently debating painting it black to make it look more real: “I get equally giddy and frightened by the panic that this could cause should someone not notice that the gun is a fake or should I accidentally take a call while at the bank.”

(Mayor Mike via Wired)

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