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Bluetooth Toothbrush Has Its Own Smartphone App, Is Blue


It’s 2012, and although we may not all own flying cars and hoverboards, or be universally treated by horrifying robot doctors, we will soon have a bluetooth toothbrush with its own smartphone app, a bluetooth toothbrush that is also blue; it’s a blue bluetooth toothbrush, a bluetoothbrush or “bluthbrush” if you will. Ain’t that a mouthful?

Made by Beam, the toothbrush aims to improve your dental hygiene with its countless, highly advanced features. The bluetooth toothbrush itself will retail for $50, and utilizes $3 replaceable heads. The accompanying app — for iOS and Android alike — is mercifully free.

What kind of features does this high-tech pairing boast? Well, the app will track your brushing history on the whole in addition to timing your individual brushing sessions. It also lets you set “brushing goals” whatever that means and allows you to listen to music while you brush, presumably via the smartphone and not the brush. You know, the kind of things you could never dream of accomplishing with your run-of-the-mill Luddite’s toothbrush.

More features are planned however; future iterations will allow you to actually find out where you spend your most time brushing and what areas you negelct. It’s unclear whether this feature — one that’s mildly useful — will roll out with an app upgrade or whether it will require new hardware.

The brush is set to be released next month. Beam says that the Android app is already finished and that the iOS version will be completed before launch. This truly represents a new paradigm in both dental hygiene and bluetooth puns. It is a wonder that we have survived this long using only primitive toothbrushes devoid of electronics and standing in front of our mirrors, brushing inefficiently while singing “Happy Birthday” as our bicuspids rot before our very eyes.

(via The Verge)

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