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Android Bluetooth Breathalyzer

If you’ve never been drunk with a breathalyzer at hand, I’m not sure that I can recommend it, but I can say that it’s an interesting experience. Al Linke seems to think it’s interesting too, as he’s been working on increasingly feature-laden breathalyzers. It all started with a project to make a talking breathalyzer that could tweet your BAC and read you the weather, if you wanted it to. The next step Linke took, was to create one with Bluetooth capability than can interface with Android phones via the IOIO board. Basically, you can use this wireless Breathalyzer to do all sorts of things on your phone.

The video below only demonstrates the basic features of the breathalyzer, specifically its ability to tell you whether or not you are drunk, but one would expect that this could be coded in to interact with all other manner of operations. Maybe you could use it to block you from certain apps when drunk, or when you aren’t drunk, or any other number of fun applications. Just in general, a Bluetooth capable breathalyzer could make it possible to hack together a DIY auto ignition interlock device, that people could use to keep from driving drunk. Also, it could be used to tweet your BAC on the go, for the purposes of competition. I guess you have to take both sides.

(via Hack a Day)

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