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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

bleegle warble yargle arrgh

Today in things that make us scream incoherently

On the “Fake” Geek Girl

A little while ago we posted a video making a joke out of the stereotypical but not universally true awkwardness of male geeks, particularly around women, and the comments on the post exploded. For every guy who came in to say, reasonably if perhaps with little humor, that all dudes aren’t like that; there was a guy there to tell every woman who’d commented to say she’d known guys like that once that her personal experience and anything she’d ever done based on it was wrong. It was a clusterfuck of anecdotal experience and gendered slurs, and the only thing it really made me want to do was get all the commenters in a room and say, loudly and clearly:

“I’ll make a deal with all you dudes who are angry because this is how your demographic is portrayed. You let me have this one video making this one joke, and I will let you have the entire “fake geek girl” meme, comprising hundreds of jokes, many of them misogynist, that perpetuate the idea that women never do anything you like unless it is to “get attention” and then betray you when they get it. This should seem more than fair.”

Because that’s what the idea of the “fake geek girl” is all about, right? “Oh, she’s just doing that for the attention.” Which, by the way, is also a thing said when women claim they’ve been raped, or beaten by people close to them; it’s one of the foundational assumptions behind the reasoning that women lie or will lie about being raped to get abortions; it is the idea that excuses the behavior of a society that minimizes the concerns of women.



We Don’t Know How To Feel About This: Zombie Muppets

Halloween is less than a week away, and the internet is starting to show it. But that doesn’t mean we were prepared for Jon Defreest’s zombie Muppets.

It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. I put zombie Kermit and the rest behind the jump, so you only have to look at them if you want to.


what is this I don't even

Real Comic Book Superheroes Who’d Be Better In The Sack Than Cosmo’s Fake Ones

We’ve been saving this one for a couple weeks now, ever since it was brought to our attention by a friend who picked up a Cosmo because there was nothing else to do while waiting for a train.  Now, there’s quite a bit of Cosmopolitan to get incensed about, but never before had we seen an editorial foray into something so close to our hearts relevant to our interests. In a single page, Cosmo posits four superheroes who are “focused on a woman’s needs,” including, we shit you not, a guy who is half Edward Cullen and half Jacob Black.

Once I surfaced from my black rage, I decided that the funniest thing about this is that if Cosmo had looked for canonical superheroes who would be good in bed, they would have had an entire list in a couple of minutes. Oh, I’m sorry. Super heroes who are “focused on a woman’s needs.”


Today in things that make us scream incoherently

Trailer for We Dare Wii Is Hideously Uncomfortable

This is a real commercial, for a real game, sitting in Ubisoft’s YouTube channel.  The boxes at the end are a few different alternate endings, including a foursome, a flat out swingers situation, and, to take a serious dip in tastefulness: a casual bisexuality joke.

We don’t know what else to say about it, so we’re just going to inflict it on you.

Update: Ubisoft has since locked the video for American viewers.  Hopefully this one will stick around.

(via No High Scores.)