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Amazon Prime

  1. Things We Saw Today: A Sexy Jeff Goldblum to Wear All Over Your Body

    Just remember, don't wear it on the most important day of your professional life. Unless you're the President of the Jeff Goldblum Fan Club. They'd you'd probably be ok.

    The description of this shirt on Clashist is "Because Jeff Goldblum is very sexy." Fair enough?

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  2. Things We Saw Today: A Slick New Wonder Woman Art of War Statue

    Remember those DC Nation Wonder Woman shorts from 2013 by Robert Valley? Well DC Collectibles has made that super-cool lady their next installment to the "Art of War" line. Sadly no roller-skating Giganta. Yet.

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  3. HBO Shows Will Finally Be Available Online to Non-HBO Subscribers, But There’s a Catch

    the internet is serious business

    Or, I should say, HBO shows will finally be available online legally to non-HBO subscribers. Because, while it's technically illegal for someone who doesn't get HBO to log into someone else's HBO GO account, it's not like that ever stopped anyone. But HBO GO isn't the subject of this news. Nope. HBO's getting in bed with the Overlord of the Internet: Amazon. Edit: This just in: According to Variety HBO's Amazon deal does not include Game of Thrones. Ditto Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Sex and the City, which have other U.S. syndication deals. And "new and future shows," including True Detective and Silicon Valley, are excluded under the current deal as well. Thanks, HBO.

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  4. Amazon Now Allows You To Write Official Veronica Mars Fanfic, Good Way To Pitch The Movie Sequel?

    Oh Really?

    Most Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter supporters are still eagerly anticipating the release this weekend, though the ones able to shell out the big bucks have already seen it. But like most things in Hollywood, sequel talk starts early and Veronica Mars is no exception. Meanwhile, how would you like to make money off your (non-smutty) Veronica Mars fanfic? Amazon has just the thing... 

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  5. It’s Finally Happening: Amazon’s Raising Their Yearly Prime Price to $99

    We knew this day was coming.

    For the first time since Amazon introduced their free-shipping Prime membership to customers nine years ago, it's raising its prices on us -- from $79 a year to $99. Probably to pay for all those drones they're working on, we expect.

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  6. Amazon Now Offering $7.99 Monthly Prime Option Similar To Netflix/Hulu

    Allow Us To Explain

    My household recently signed up for Amazon Prime (mostly for The West Wing) and have been exceedingly happy with it. Not only does their streaming service offer shows Netflix doesn't, the free two-day shipping came in handy while ordering last minute cosplay items for New York Comic Con this year. It seems they've decided to try a new tactic to gain customers. Much like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon will now offer a $7.99 monthly option which includes everything the $79 yearly subscription does. Sound good? Maybe, maybe not. That comes out to $95.88 a year. 

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  7. Amazon Prime Matches Netflix Monthly Plan, Still Offers Everything From Before

    Amazon's really wanting to bolster their Amazon Prime subscriptions, apparently. The annual subscription, which runs $79, wasn't cutting it for them. If you're the type of person that regularly purchases items from the online retailer, the annual account's worth it for the free two-day delivery alone. In addition to that, Amazon Prime also offers a collection of television shows and films that subscribers can watch, like Netflix. Also like Netflix, Amazon Prime's just added a $7.99 monthly plan. That means streaming plus all the other goodies associated with an Amazon Prime account for the same price as just streaming elsewhere.

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  8. Amazon Prime Movie Streaming Comes To PS3

    Amazon Prime's "Amazon Instant Video" pack-in is now getting a little cooler and a little more of a threat to services like Netflix. Amazon Instant Video is now available on the PS3, and by extension, your TV. If you've got Prime and you want to get things going, all you have to do is hop on to your PS3, download the app and let her rip. With console support, Amazon Instant Video seems like more of a direct competitor to Netflix, and by going with PS3 instead of Xbox, they've saved viewers the cost of an Xbox Live subscription.

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  9. Disney-ABC Teams Up With Netflix and Amazon to Stream Alias, Lost, and More

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Netflix continues to step up their streaming library: A new deal was announced with Disney-ABC this morning, and now several shows that have appeared on ABC, ABC Family, and the Disney Channel will stream on Netflix. But that's not all -- another deal with Amazon Prime will give their streaming service the same shows, adding 800 episodes to their library. Not to be outdone, the deal with Netflix will make new episodes available 30 days after they air on network TV. So, this morning, Netflix and Amazon looked at each other and said, "Well played. Well played, indeed."

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  10. Amazon Announces Kindle Fire at $199 Price Point

    The Internet has been buzzing about the possibility (the inevitability, really) of a new Kindle-branded Amazon tablet for a while. Now it's finally here. Announced officially at an Amazon press conference this morning, the Kindle Fire is the newest addition to the Kindle family and brings some remarkably new functionality to the Kindle we're familiar with, all for a competitive, come-at-me-iPad price of $199.

    So, let's break it down, the Kindle Fire is a touchpad. Although it only has two-finger touch support, it has touch support, which sort of elevates it to the big boy tablet arena. As for physical specs, the Kindle Fire operates on Android, weighs about 14.6 ounces and has a 7-inch touchscreen which clocks in at around 3 inches smaller than competitor iPad. Whether you see that last bit as an advantage or a flaw is matter of preference.

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  11. Amazon’s New Netflix-Style Library for eBooks Coming Soon?

    Just What You've Always Wanted

    Has the time finally come for Amazon start start lending out ebooks? The Wall Street Journal says that this might just be a possibility soon, and that the online retailer has been in talks with several book publishers about a service that would involve customers paying a monthly fee to access ebooks temporarily, Netflix-style. All this, just in time for the release of their new tablet.

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  12. Amazon Reportedly Looking to Launch Netflix Style Service for Books

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon is currently talking with a variety of book publishers in hopes of launching an eBook rental service in the same vein as Netflix. While book renting has been around as long as libraries have been, the prevalence of eBooks could, and probably will, permanently change the book rental landscape.

    Considering the amount of control publishers have historically had over the publication and distribution of the books in their stables, it's understandable that they might not be willing to surrender control to Amazon. It doesn't help that Amazon is looking to distrubute eBooks of all things, a product many publishing companies are still wary of. As such, it's reported that Amazon is prepared to offer publishers a sizable chunk of change if they agree to get involved in the program.

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  13. Amazon Rolls Out Free Streaming Video for Prime Subscribers

    If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you've just gotten another goodie beyond cheap shipping: As of this morning, Prime subscribers have unlimited free access to a streaming library of about 5,000 movies and TV shows. If you don't subscribe to Amazon Prime, the service costs $79 per year ($6.60/month) and allows for unlimited free two-day shipping and $3.99/item one-day shipping.

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  14. Is Amazon Competing with Netflix Now?

    Amazon has reported major profits selling books. Is it trying to take over streaming online video as well? Engadget reports that for a little while, Amazon Prime subscribers saw a screen offering free streaming video, which looks a lot like Netflix Watch Instantly. Does this mean Netflix might have something to worry about?

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  15. Hey Students: Free Amazon Prime for a Year

    If you haven't already heard, is currently offering a pretty sweet deal to currently enrolled students. Provide them with a valid .edu email address, a college or university, and a major, and you can get Amazon Prime free for one year under the name "Amazon Student."

    For those not familiar with the service, Amazon Prime lets you get free two-day shipping for many Amazon items, with a one-day shipping upgrade of $3.99 per item and some occasional exclusive offers; normally, it costs $79 for a year-long subscription.

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