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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

I See What They Did There

If Websites Existed In Game of Thrones’ Westeros

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Caldwell Tanner didn’t use HBO’s Join the Realm website to create these unique House Sigils. Instead, he came up with his own designs for what popular websites might hang from their proverbial castle walls if they lived in the world of Game of Thrones. And we decided to join in on the fun. Look at the House Sigils and mottos from Twitter, Wikipedia, The Mary Sue, and more!

(via College Humor)

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  • Amanda

    Tumblr gets me every time. CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE

  • Anonymous

    We Do Not Source >_<
    Love it!

  • Anonymous

    “Everyone You Hate” made me LOL!

  • Laura Truxillo


    Was kinda hoping they’d have a TV Tropes one.

  • Mark Brown

    The Twitter one is perfect.

  • Anonymous

    The Twitter, Facebook and DeviantArt ones had me cracking up.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me, or does the Deviant art beastie have a penis-tail?

  • Rusty Patti

    Bit Torrent’s would be “We do not sow”

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    Now that you mention it, I’m surprised there isn’t one!

  • Aeryl

    I loved it too!

  • Colleen Vanderlinden

    The Twitter one was sheer perfection.

  • Aeryl

    What part of “Deviant” in DeviantArt did you forget, LOL?

  • anime lionel hutz

    i dont get why you’re posting stuff from the dude responsible for this lol

    this site even ran an article specifically about that picture

  • Anonymous

    You have a point–I don’t think they should _not_ post stuff ever again, but a mention of the connection would be nice…