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  1. Things We Saw Today: A Very Whovian New Comic Book Day

    Allons-y! Geronimo!

    I've been loving Titan Comics' Doctor Who stories for both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors - they sound just like the characters from the shows, they both feature female companions of color, and they're way more interesting than the actual current episodes of Who. The first volumes of both Doctors' stories come out today with great covers from Alice X. Zhang and I recommend you pick them up!

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  2. Today Is The International Transgender Day of Visibility, And Here’s Why It Matters

    Matters a lot.

    March 31st 2015 marks the sixth International Transgender Day of Visibility. The goal of the day is to celebrate life and transgender accomplishments while raising awareness of the discrimination that faces trans people on a daily basis. So if you know someone who is trans, tell them today that you support them, and that they matter. In person, on the Facebook, the Twitter, or the Tumblr, it doesn’t matter; do it!

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  3. The Mary Sue Book Club Honors Terry Pratchett For Its April Read

    Heck YES there's a Mary Sue book club!

    The Mary Sue has an awesome, fan-run book club on GoodReads, and they would love for you to join up and discuss their April books!

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  4. Lionsgate Definitely Still Planning Hunger Games Attractions for Dubai Amusement Park

    Get your archery skills ready.

    Now, we hear that it's not a theme park that's being planned at all, but a "Lionsgate Zone" that would contain attractions based on The Hunger Games franchise as well as other Lionsgate properties (like a live show based on the Step Up films) at an already-planned amusement park in Dubai called Motiongate Dubai (a property of Dubai Parks and Resorts), which is set to open in October 2016.

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  5. Tumblr Artist Sully’s International Mermaids are the Most Radical Women Under the Sea

    In the immortal words of Sebastian, "What more is you lookin' for?"

    Thank-you to Tumblr artist Sully for this gorgeous reminder that mermaids shouldn't just represent one particular culture, era or race--the sea has hot crustacean bands and diversity

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  6. Things We Saw Today: A Dalek Taking a Stroll at Emerald City Comicon

    Now if only we could get The Beatles in there...

    A Dalek takes a stroll around Seattle during Emerald City Comicon. All it needs is The Beatles walking in front of it to make a sci-fi homage to the Abbey Road album. Photoshop, anyone?

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  7. Emerald City Comicon: Proposals Are Magic

    A proposal that would melt the heart of every pony.

    If you go to enough conventions, they all start to blur together. But sometimes, something special happens that makes one particular convention stand out. For me, that moment was a guy using My Little Pony-inspired art to express his feelings to his lady love at Emerald City Comicon.

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  8. The Mary Sue Interview: Author Sarah Pinborough On Her New Snow White Re-Telling, Poison

    Cinder, Once Upon A Time, Maleficent... we just can't get enough of fresh takes on old fairy tales. Out tomorrow with Titan, there's a new book to fill that fairy tale void in your heart in a wicked way: Sarah Pinborough's wicked Snow White tale, Poison.

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  9. The Very Best Things The Mary Sue Saw At Emerald City Comicon 2015

    So. Much. Goodness.

    Emerald City Comicon was such a blast! Both myself and Teresa were on-site for TMS, and there were so many great things to do and see that it was hard to narrow them all down to just this one gallery. But that's what we've done, so share in our excitement!

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  10. No Holograms, Please! Robin Williams Trust Limits Use of His Likeness for 25 Years

    And no CG-ing Robin Williams into commercials or other movies, either!

    In a world where Tupac Shakur can be "resurrected" as a hologram to perform at a concert, or Audrey Hepburn can be inserted into a commercial, celebrities' images can continue being exploited long after their deaths. Well, not if Robin Williams had anything to say about it.

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