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HBO’s Barry Gives Us a Female Character Who’s Actually Human With Sally Reed

In any other show, Sally could have easily been the character whose only function was to be the promise of a better life for the damaged male anti-hero—an unchanging oasis of normalcy and calm in which he could find refuge, when his life of violence overwhelmed him—but with the combined expertise of Barry's creative team and Sarah Goldberg’s nuanced, empathetic performance, Sally is quickly revealed to be just as flawed and troubled as every other person on the show

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Single, Thirty, and Thriving(ish): HBO Releases Trailer for Season 3 of Insecure

Issa's working, saving, and living with Daniel platonically—for now. And wait, is Lawrence really gone?

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HBO Orders Game of Thrones Prequel Series Pilot Written by a Human Woman

"What is dead may never die" mainly applies to this franchise.

Given the massive global success of Game of Thrones, it's no surprise that HBO has ordered a pilot for a prequel series. The pilot, written by Jane Goldman, will take place thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones and will center on "the world’s descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour", according to a statement released by HBO.

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Issa Rae Is Back in Front of the Mirror in Insecure Season 3

Like many Issa moments, it's a burst of confidence that's quickly interrupted by reality.

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HBO Teams up With the New York Public Library for Your Summer Reading List

Big Little Lies star Reese Witherspoon talks about the HBO and NYPL campaign #ReadingIsLit.

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The Watchmen TV Series Is Going in a Different Direction Than Anyone Anticipated

Who will watch the Watchmen?

When it was announced that HBO would bring Alan Moore's Watchmen to the small screen as a TV series, the collective response was basically "why?" A TV series might at least have the benefit of being able to make room to fully explore the material in the comics, but it still seemed like a strange choice, which is probably why they've decided to go in a different direction with it.

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If We’re Going To Have a Big Little Lies Season 2, We Need To Talk About Jane’s Eating Disorder

I, like many people, became obsessed with the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies when it premiered February of last year—a dark comedic tale of murder, secrets, rumors, and motherhood, set in sunny California. After hearing rave reviews about it on Twitter, I gave it a shot and instantly fell in love, blowing through all eight episodes in one weekend. I instantly connected with each of the moms of Monterey as I tried to unravel the mystery.

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HBO Is Going to Be Tackling the Adnan Syed Case in an Upcoming Documentary

HBO is going to be providing their own take on the murder in an upcoming documentary called The Case Against Adnan Syed

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Lisa Joy’s Directing Debut, “The Riddle of the Sphinx,” Gives Us Westworld‘s Best S2 Episode Yet

What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening? The answer to the 'Riddle of the Sphinx' is 'man,' and the riddle itself about aging: crawling baby, to walking adult, to elderly person with a cane. It's interesting, then, that the Westworld episode of the same name is about humanity's attempt to do the exact opposite.

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HBO Responds to PETA’s Concern About Westworld‘s Use of Abused Trained Elephants

One of the cooler things about this season of Westworld is that we get to see a whole new side of the park. Or, rather, parks. There's more than one "world" owned and operated by Delos Corporation, all of them featuring appropriate host animals. In the British Raj setting this week, we saw peacocks, elephants, and a tiger. All as man-made as the human hosts. The elephants used by production on Westworld, however, were real, and PETA was not happy.

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Westworld Goes East in “Virtù e Fortuna,” Because Rich White People Love Them Some Colonization

Ooh! Honey! Let's go pretend to be colonizers in Asia! What fun!

This week's Westworld shows us just how much fun rich white people seem to think colonizing is, even during whatever future this show takes place in. Ooh! Honey! Let's go pretend to be colonizers in Asia! What fun! It'll be a nice change from pretending to steal land in the Old West! [**SPOILERS WILL ABOUND IN THIS POST AND THE COMMENTS! BEWARE!**]

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Westworld Begins Its “Journey Into Night” With Dolores, Maeve, and Bernard Discovering Themselves

What's on the other side of "The Door"?

Westworld is back and seemingly darker than ever. If you missed it last week, I did a spoiler-free advance review, and if you're feeling nostalgic, feel free to go back and look at my joint reviews of season one with Maddy Myers. But if you're ready to go back in "The Maze" and begin our journey through "The Door" (a.k.a. the name given to season two), let's do this! [**SPOILERS WILL ABOUND IN THIS POST AND THE COMMENTS! BEWARE!**]

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Amy Adams Investigates a Haunting in HBO Adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects

While Amy Adams is enough to convince me to see almost anything, the miniseries also boasts Big Little Lies director Jean-Marc Vallée and includes Get Out's Blumhouse Productions as a producer.

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This Behind-the-Scenes Look at HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 Hits a Little Too Close to Home

The classic Ray Bradbury novel, Fahrenheit 451, was already eerily familiar when it was first published in 1953, shortly after the end of WWII, when fascism was still fresh on the world's mind. Now, at a time when our world seems to be leaning in that direction once again, HBO is giving us Bradbury's novel as a film for a modern audience. Stars Michael B. Jordan, Michael Shannon, and Sofia Boutella take us behind the scenes of the adaptation.

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HBO Claims to Have Fixed All Pay Disparities in Wake of Time’s Up Movement

"We’ve proactively gone through all of our shows — in fact, we just finished our process where we went through and made sure that there were no inappropriate disparities in pay; and where there were," he says, "if we found any, we corrected it going forward. And that’s is a direct result of the Times Up movement."

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A “Reckoning” Set to Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box”: Here’s the Westworld Season 2 Trailer

Trailers often give away too much and risk spoilers, but with Westworld's multiple locations, timelines, and twists, there's nothing but anticipation here.

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John Oliver Dives Into the Ridiculous, Fear-Mongering Shows of NRA TV on Last Week Tonight

Last Week Tonight addressed some of NRA TV's most popular programs, from the ridiculous to the frightening.

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New Westworld Season Two Photos Provide All-New Speculation Fodder

Westworld returns to HBO for its second season in April, and after that awesome Super Bowl ad, we're now starting to get all sorts of new images to salivate and speculate over thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

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What Can We Learn About the Host Revolution From the Westworld Season 2 Super Bowl Footage?

Well, here it is! The real reason why many of us even cared that the Super Bowl was happening yesterday. HBO released an ad for Westworld Season Two directed by Jonathan Nolan that both incorporated footage from the upcoming season and featured specially-created ad-exclusive footage. But which was which? And what does it all mean? Let's dig in! [SPOILERS FOR SEASON ONE OF WESTWORLD]

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Expect More Westworld Season Two Info During This Weekend’s Super Bowl

We still don't have a premiere date for Season Two of HBO's Westworld beyond "Spring 2018," but we might be getting more information on that this Sunday during Super Bowl LII. That's almost enough to get me to watch sport-ball.

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