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Nope, James Damore’s Autism Is Not the Cause of His Misogyny

A recent article suggested that ex-Googler James Damore's autism "may in part explain the difficulties he experienced" with his infamous anti-diversity memo, and nope. Autism's got nothing to do with being a misogynist, and suggesting that link is harmful.

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Things We Saw Today: Bless Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Collection of Old Home Videos

Lin-Manuel Miranda has been sharing some old home movies he found a few days back, and honestly, it's some humor we could all use these days.

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Things We Saw Today: Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca Strikes Back Against Online Harassers

Lauren Duca is one of the better-known writers on the Internet these days, and as such, she's subject to massive garbage piles of harassment produced by garbage people. And Duca has had enough.

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Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates “The Break” and the Birth of Hip-Hop While Letting You Play DJ

Hip-hop is one of the most influential genres in music today. It's hard to believe that the form is still relatively recent in the grand scheme of things (hasn't hip-hop just always existed?), but today Google celebrates the 44th anniversary of one of music's most defining moments: the invention of "the break," and the birth of hip-hop.

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Things We Saw Today: Taylor Swift Testifies Against Radio DJ Who Felt Her Up During a Photo Op

Earlier today, Taylor Swift testified against David "Jackson" Mueller, a radio DJ from KYGO in Denver, whom she's in the process of counter-suing (for $1) after he sued her (for $3 Million) for defamation and wrongful accusation, blaming her for getting him fired. What was the accusation? That he grabbed her ass during a meet-and-greet photo op. By the way, there's an actual photo of it happening.

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Points Out the Pervasive Sexism That Google Memo Wrote Off

The story of a memo circulating within Google continues to unfold, with the author now filing a complaint for being fired and giving an interview to an anti-feminist, right-wing YouTuber who's said some eyebrow-raising things at a men's rights conference about how women are to blame for men's violence. You know, in case you were tempted to believe the articles going around about how the memo wasn't thinly-veiled sexism in itself.

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Google Fires the Engineer Whose Sexist Anti-Diversity Memo Went Viral

Moving quickly to quash the outcry over the sexist screed published internally at Google and heard 'round the world, the company has fired its author, with Google's CEO saying that he violated company rules. The engineer claims he was let go for "perpetuating gender stereotypes."

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This Is What an “Honest Discussion” About Reverse Racism and Sexism Gets You, Google

Over the weekend, a manifesto of sorts that was circulating within Google made big news with its gripes about how the company's diversity initiatives are actually harmful and discriminatory—I'll give you one guess as to who that'd be against. The author, despite furthering harmful stereotypes and misconceptions of biology, pleaded for an "honest discussion." There's just one problem: We already know how that discussion goes.

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Here’s a Fantastic Takedown of That Google Employee’s Sexist “Anti-Diversity” Screed

A Google engineer's "manifesto"—shared internally—went viral within the company and kicked the Internet into a frenzy. Now, measured and brilliant pushbacks are pouring in, and this one is my favorite.

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In the Year of Nazi Captain America, A #DoodleforJack Would Remind Us What Jack Kirby Stood For

A new fan campaign is asking Google to honor Jack Kirby, the "King of Comics," with a Google Doodle on what would have been his 100th birthday.

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Things We Saw Today: Meet Martha, The 125-Pound Mastiff Who Was Very Rudely Named World’s “Ugliest Dog”

Don't listen to them, Martha. You're stunning as h*ck.

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Things We Saw Today: Finally, a Dating Sim for Dads to Romance Dads

Yesterday was Father's Day and popular Let's Play channel Game Grumps announced their new dating sim Dream Daddy which comes to Steam on July 13.

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Google’s Got a Fun Wonder Woman Game to Teach Kids to Code

There are many ways in which superheroes can inspire kids, but what about going beyond moral lessons and teaching specific practical skills? Google's Made with Code is doing just that, and they're using the Wonder Woman movie to do it.

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Google Says It’s Too Expensive to Investigate Wage Discrimination

Because who cares what it costs women?

Google, which makes billions in profits, argued that complying with a federal investigation into their wage discrimination would be too expensive, because it would cost the company $100,000 and 500 hours of labor.

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What to Do If You Clicked That Google Doc Phishing Scam Going Around

There's a big Google Docs phishing scam making the rounds right now, and it's particularly effective as evidenced by how many people's accounts have already been forced to propagate it to their contacts. The best thing to do, of course, is not click on it, but this is a particularly tricky one that may have fooled even savvy web users, so here's what to do if you're one of them.

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Beauty and the Beast Non-Ad Ad May Kill the Beast Google Home

Google Home is a neat piece of tech as a "smart speaker" that also includes an Internet-connected digital assistant capable of conversation—sometimes very deep conversation. Unfortunately, if what seems like an ad discovered today on the device is any indication, the magic may very quickly fade as your personal assistant takes detours from your daily calendar to promote products.

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Nearly 100 of U.S.’s Biggest Companies (Facebook, Google, More) Filed a Court Motion Against Trump’s Muslim Ban

How's that whole "businessman president" thing going?

One of Donald Trump's key redeeming points was supposed to be that he could run our country like a business, whatever that vague nonsense means, but our actual business leaders are extremely unhappy with what he's doing so far—an impressive feat at just over two weeks in office.

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Two Google Homes Are Doing Their Own Spontaneous Version of Waiting for Godot on Twitch

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic the theatre of the absurd.

As the old saying goes, "Two Google Homes arguing with each other forever will eventually write Samuel Beckett." That's ... that's how it goes, right? Because I'm pretty sure these two Google Home units on Twitch are making a solid attempt. Even if they don't spit out Waiting for Godot any time soon, Vladimir and Estragon are doing a solid job of writing their own version.

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Pokémon GO, iPhones, and Stranger Things Top 2016’s Google Searches

We're nearing the end of 2016 (good riddance), and that means that everyone who collects extensive, more-than-a-little-creepy data about our habits is putting together their year-end lists. While social media may be huge, Google is still a force to be reckoned with in terms of how users experience the Internet, and a few things dominated the site's search results this year.

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15 Minutes of Jokes From Google Home. That’s It. Nothing Else. Why Are You Still Reading This Title?

Ok, Google. Tell me a joke. Ok, Google. Tell me a joke. Ok, Goog--you get it.

To test his brand new Google Home device, David Chen asked it to tell him jokes for fifteen minutes straight. This is some extreme edge case QA testing, I have to say, and Chen's findings are, well... kind of funny.

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