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In Honor of Thanos, Reddit Will Ban a Huge Amount of Users

What started as a suggestion on a Thanos-glorifying subreddit has become a Reddit event gaining international news coverage.

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Donald Glover Fans Have Taken Over a Pro-Trump “thedonald” Subreddit to Establish the One True Donald

There can be only one.

As Donald Trump has thrived on Twitter and the chaos and flurry of media coverage he can cause with a single, poorly written tweet his fans have also flourished in online communities. Generally, those communities have been some of the worst corners of the internet, fostering exactly the kind of terrible sentiments you'd expect from supporters of a man like Donald Trump, but one of them has taken an unexpectedly wholesome turn thanks to some new visitors giving it a makeover.

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Reddit Bans Deepfake Pornography, Which Superimposes Famous Faces Onto Bodies

If you ever wanted to live in a science fiction novel, I have good news! We're already there. But as disturbing as "deepfake porn" might be due to a host of issues, the technology behind it has even more far-reaching ramifications.

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Jordan Peele Responds to All Your Get Out Conspiracy Theories

In a recent video, Jordan Peele answered questions about all those symbolic Get Out details, from the Fruit Loops to the deer to the hats to the ... possible sequel to Being John Malkovich?

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Things We Saw Today: The Entire Front Page of Reddit Showcases Which Senators Sold Us Out Over Net Neutrality

And the ones who didn't.

It's striking to see the names and faces of the Congresspeople who might destroy net neutrality like this, alongside the telecom $$$ they happily pocketed.

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Reddit Bans Their “Incel” Subreddit, a Hive of Poisonous Misogyny

"Incels" are a group of people, almost exclusively male, who believe that they are "involuntarily celibate"— that they are denied the sexual contact they feel to be their due—and they have carved out Internet communities devoted to this damaging and dangerous ideology. Now, the 40,000+ group of incels that festered unchecked on reddit have been banned.

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Anti-Semitic, Racist History of Trump Wrestling GIF Creator Uncovered, & Things Only Got Worse for Everyone From There

The Reddit user who created the GIF of Trump punching an embodied CNN has apologized after the network uncovered his identity.

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Update on the GOP Red Pill Creator: He Just Resigned, After Being Protected By His Republican Colleagues

Boy bye

Robert Fisher, the Republican lawmaker who also created Reddit's awful Red Pill forum, resigned after an investigative committee voted not to take any action against him.

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Things We Saw Today: Yondu Met Mary Poppins, Y’all!

No matter how many iterations come out of it, this joke will never get old.

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Republican Lawmaker Who Created Reddit’s Red Pill Forum Dragged by Women at an Investigative Hearing

Don't worry, though. He swears he's "never hated women."

"I can tell you with certainty, rape is no joke. When you use it to fumble around with other rape apologists in chatrooms designed to discuss sexual strategies with other misogynists, you are not just participating in rape culture. You are grooming it, you are cultivating it, you are growing it."

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Reddit’s “Red Pill” Misogyny Swamp Was Reportedly Created by a GOP Lawmaker

The founder of the misogyny hub has ben outed as a GOP lawmaker from New Hampshire. That's terrifying and, honestly, not that surprising.

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Reddit Held Hostage By the Worst of Its Userbase By Capitulating to Its Worst Community

I'm a proponent of free speech and authentic conversation. I cannot legally stop anyone from saying whatever it is they want to say, nor would I want to. That said, if I invite you into my apartment, and you start hurting my other guests, tearing up my living room, or generally being an asshole, I'm kicking you the fuck out of my house. If only Reddit took disrespecting their home as seriously.

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Here’s How Trans Geeks Can Protect Each Other From the “Alt-Right”

It’s a scary time to be trans, and sadly, the geek community is not a safe space.

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Westworld Co-Showrunner Jonathan Nolan Answers Really Important Fan Question

HBO's Westworld is a show that is full of mysteries. One fan, however, decided to latch on to the mystery of Dolores' paintings. Because for real though, where do they go?

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Toxicity Blamed as No Man’s Sky Reddit Community Temporarily Shuts Down

A few months after the game's inauspicious release, the No Man's Sky Reddit community was temporarily shut down. One moderator expressed concern over the growing toxicity within the community as one of the reasons for the shutdown.

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Silicon Valley Tech Startup Bro Won’t Hire Women Because of Paid Maternity Leave, But Stripper Parties Are OK

In case you wondered if sexism was still alive and well.

While further details about this individual's identity—and the company he's founded—are still a mystery as of this posting, it's stories like this that contribute towards fostering the ongoing workplace discrimination within the tech industry—and continue to make it a difficult place for any woman to break into.

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Things We Saw Today: Ugh, Fake Geek Guys

Jill Pantozzi, TMS' erstwhile Editor-in-Chief, tweeted about an incredible /r/relationships post that can really only be summed up exactly how you see it on her tweet.

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Redditor Artist Knows Nothing About Pokémon, Draws Them Based on Name Alone Anyway

Slurms MacKenzie even shows up to this thread!

Every so often someone comes along and reminds us just how strange our obsessions really are.

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A Bot Is Turning Trump’s Own Conspiracy-Stoking Rhetoric Back on Him

I'll allow it.

Donald Trump is a unique political candidate in many ways, not the least of which is how consistently he makes things up out of thin air without even an attempt to base them in fact. While I'm not generally a fan of stooping to the opposition's level, a bot that's doing just that as a way to jokingly point out Trump's nonsense is just what this election cycle needed.

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One Man’s Sky: Redditor “Beats” No Man’s Sky, Reaching Center of Universe in 30 Hours

Redditor "Daymeeuhn" has "beaten" No Man's Sky in 30 hours, accomplishing the game's de facto objective: reaching the center of the universe.

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