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YouTube Gets in on the Harlem Shake Meme in Best Way Possible


The Harlem Shake is probably my favorite thing to come out of 2013. I’m calling it now. It might only be March, but the rest of the year might as well phone it in. Some folks might already be tired of the Internet meme — and they certainly have every reason — but it’s showing no real signs of stopping. It’s slowly seeping to every corner of the Internet, though. Even YouTube has finally given in.

Not in the way you might be expecting, though. We’re not talking about a bunch of people awkwardly shaking at the YouTube office… though we’d probably watch that too. This goes deeper than that, folks.

The actual YouTube site itself will do the Harlem Shake for you. All you need do is request it. Watch the video below if you don’t believe us, or just hit up YouTube and put in “do the harlem shake.” You know what? Here, have a link that’ll do all the work for you. You’re welcome.

The best? We think so.

(Rosa Golijan via Gizmodo, image via Rego)

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