My Happy Marriage Season 2 Announcement!

Will Miyo and Kudo’s Romance Return in ‘My Happy Marriage’ Season 2?

Everyone who loved My Happy Marriage had their heartstrings tugged. It’s not just a story about a damsel in distress finding her happily ever after. Miyo was able to escape her awful family and awaken a dormant power within herself.

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The story couldn’t possibly end there. Fans love seeing Miyo and Kudo together and admire their healthy relationship. Given how healthy their relationship is, I’d go as far as saying that this couple outweighs the nutritional value of vegetables.

Although a release date has yet to be announced, a second season of My Happy Marriage has been confirmed. Due to the positive reception of many fans, a second season was basically inevitable for this series. My Happy Marriage is one of the best fantasy romance animes out there.

What’s Next for Miyo and Kudo?

Since we’re unsure when the second season is coming out, you can read the Light Novel of My Happy Marriage from the beginning in the meantime. It details the events after the first season and may be the source material for the coming season.

The first season ended wonderfully, but watching it was painful. Bearing witness to Miyo’s abuse and suffering was sickening. Despite coming from a prestigious family, she was treated as a servant and degraded on a daily basis. Even after she moved to the Kiyoka household, Miyo had to learn that her value didn’t come from being “useful” to others. 

Kaya was lucky to leave alive after all she’d done to her sister, Miyo. Every other fan seems to be satisfied to hear Kudo put Kaya in her place. No better words can be said to her than “I’d never marry you, even if the heavens demand it.” It’s brutal, but after the Saimori family home was burned down by Kudo’s powers, Kaya is now living her worst life. She went from being a spoiled noble lady to becoming a servant for another noble family. 

Will you be watching My Happy Marriage season 2?

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