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London’s Lesser Animals Hold Their Own Olympic Relay

Olympic fever is nearing its zenith, and artists seem to have taken notice. Animators Leo Bridle and Amael Isnard present their own slightly warped view on these events in their short film Olympic Vermin. If you enjoy adorable animals performing endurance events in order to light an “eternal” flame, then you are in luck, my friends.

Though exceptionally well-made, there is a none-too-subtle satirical vibe to the cartoon. On the Beakus website, the production company responsible for the film, they write that the film:

“[…] pokes fun at the Olympics and it’s so-called ‘inclusivity’ dogma.”

To be honest, I’m a bit more interested in the Olympics these critters have cooked up. The 15-meter hedgehog dash should be a blast.

(via Cartoon Brew)

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