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Spare No Expense With the Raptor Cage From Jurassic Park, Now on eBay for Over $99,900

Shoot her! SHOOT HER!


Hey, hey, hey! *Throws flare.* Yeah, I know you’re not a T-Rex, but I thought that would be a good way to draw your attention to the fact that you can buy the velociraptor cage prop from Jurassic Park on eBay. Now you’ll have a convenient place to store your “six foot turkey” for (mildly) safe transport to the theme park of your choice.

The bid is currently at $99,900.10 (as of this writing), but I’m guessing that if you’ve got some velociraptors you need to contain, you’re not really worried about how much it’s going to cost you. From today, we’ve still got 8 full days of the auction left, so you have plenty of time to take out a second mortgage or do whatever it is you need to do to get this thing, but be warned that you’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

Here’s the product description from the seller, themeparkconnection, which is curiously devoid of cautionary information like, “Warning: contains a clever girl.”

Jurassic Park Velociraptor Cage Crate 1993 Original Screen Used Movie Prop

  • Theme Park Connection brings you the opportunity to own one of the most amazing movie props that we have ever offered on eBay!
  • In this auction you are bidding on one of the most recognizable props from Steven Spielberg’s 1993 worldwide hit, Jurassic Park!
  • This is the full size animal transport cage crate featured in the terrifying opening scene of the classic blockbuster movie!
  • This is the crate that housed the Velociraptor that attacked and killed the ill-fated “Gate Keeper” as Jurassic Park’s Game Warden and workers attempted to move the Raptor into its permanent pen
  • Jurassic Park’s opening sequence is without a doubt one of the most memorable scenes in the movie, and anyone who has seen Jurassic Park (and who hasn’t?!) will instantly remember this incredible piece
  • In addition, the crate includes a full size Velociraptor prop!

And here are a few more shots of the crate, because you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t have any weak points before you put any money down for it. If it does, your raptors will systematically search for and find them.




(themeparkconnection via Geekologie)

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