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Twitter Adds LOLcat Language Setting If That’s Something You’re Interested In


Look, I’m not going to try and convince you that LOLcats are high art or anything, but they can certainly be amusing when the right moment strikes. Look at that cat over there on the left! Isn’t it hilarious how he can’t spell? Given that the phenomenon originated on the Internet, it only makes sense that the Internet should embrace it. In that vein, Twitter has now added a LOLcat language option to their service. No, I’m not joking.

The setting is easy to find in the settings, but it doesn’t seem to change much beyond the usual configuration of the site. I guess I was somehow expecting it to attempt to translate everything in my feed, but then I’ve never changed my language settings before. Upon further thought, of course it wouldn’t attempt to translate my feed, but I really wish it would.

Here’s the official Twitter tweet — which sounds strange saying — announcing the setting:

Yeah. That happened.

It’s amusing for what it is, and that’s about all anyone can ask out of the Internet. If you need me, I’ll be giggling at images of cats for the rest of the afternoon.

(via Twitter)

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