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Things We Saw Today: Every Day Is April Fool’s Day For Superman

Things We Saw Today

See more of Superman pranking Jimmy Olsen at Scans_Daily.

I think the question is why haven’t we asked a political scientist what the odds are of a zombie apocalypse occurring? Professor Daniel W. Drezner, who blogs at Foreign Policy Magazine sat down with io9 to discuss how he integrates pop culture into political science. This is the book he’s written about international relations and zombies.

Here is the first official poster for Green Lantern that features its star, Ryan Reynolds. Click to enlarge. (At Daily Blam)

No one at this closing Borders store is bitter or anything … (Via Shannon McGinnis/@avecvoix on Twitter — Thanks, Jake!)

Fangasm: New Ghostbusters action figures based on both movies debuted at WonderCon. Here is the 6-inch Ray Stanz, armed with the slime-thrower from Ghostbusters 2. This slime is positively charged. (At FearNet)

If there is a coloring book in your future, then these are the crayons for you! (Etsy via Nylon)

Everything is about to make so much sense. (At BuzzFeed)

This is currently tattooed on someone — Spocktopus. (At Buzzfeed)

But this Piranha Plant tattoo is awesome. (At Geeks Are Sexy)

And, good night, everyone! (At Geeks Are Sexy)

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