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Corinna Bechko Q&A on Earth One: Green Lantern and Building a Sci-Fi Epic

The latest installment of the Earth One DC Comics Series is Green Lantern. The story is written by Hugo-nominated writer Corinna Bechko and fellow Hugo nominee Gabriel Hardman, who also did the art of the book. Corinna is the first female writer to work on any of the Earth One series.

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Things We Saw Today: Godless Doesn’t Live Up to Its “No Man’s Land” Promotion

Godless Doesn't Live Up to It's "No Man's Land" Promotion, Green Lantern writers eyeing a new actor for GL, Issa Rae stays winning, Chris Grady teaches everyone to be a great guy and Sesame Street does a fun Stranger Things parody.

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Interview: Danny Pudi and Ron Funches Geek Out Over Superheroes and Gadgets on NBC’s Powerless

My parade of roundtable interviews from the set of Powerless continues with a chat with two of the funniest men on the planet. I'm talking about the incomparable Danny Pudi, and the made-me-laugh-so-hard-when-I-saw-him-do-stand-up-that-I-had-a-headache-the-rest-of-the-night (that he does not even feel that bad about!) Ron Funches!

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This Fan-Made Blackest Night Trailer Almost Redeems Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern Movie

Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern movie is an embarrassing footnote in his history of superhero movie appearances. However, even he might be impressed to see this fan-made trailer starring him as Green Lantern in a hypothetical Blackest Night movie.

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Supergirl Stuntwoman Jessie Graff Completes Another Incredible, Historic American Ninja Warrior Run

Supergirl stuntwoman Jessie Graff already made history on American Ninja Warrior by becoming the first woman to best the course's 12.5-foot warped wall (in Wonder Woman attire, no less), but of course, Supergirl's job is never done. She's back at it again with a qualifying run through the physical challenge's national finals stage one, making her the first woman ever to to do so. Watch and be amazed.

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Things We Saw Today: Charlize Theron Helped Jenny Beavan Learn to Take a Compliment

Costume designer Jenny Beavan, who won an Academy Award this past weekend for her work on Mad Max: Fury Road, was interviewed recently by Vanity Fair. The entire article is fascinating, but one anecdote is particularly notable.

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Things We Saw Today: Warner Bros. Releases Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Lantern Movie Logos

In addition to the huge drop of both the Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman trailers, Warner Bros. also shared the movie logos for each of the Justice League members.

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Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool, Superhero Film Flops, and White Privilege in Hollywood

Much has been made of Steven Spielberg's suspicion that superhero movies are on their way out, and Ryan Reynolds recently used the topic as an opportunity to take aim at the entrenched sexism and racism in Hollywood — systemic issues from which the superhero genre is far from immune.

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Is New Arrow Coast City Production Art Teasing the Arrival of Green Lantern?

And which Green Lantern?

Is the world of Arrow going to get even bigger? That's the look of things judging by the above production art that Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim shared over the weekend.

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Tyrese Still Wants Green Lantern; Had “A Couple of Meetings” with WB

Tyrese Gibson of The Fast and the Furious fame has been on a mission to lock down a role in the Green Lantern reboot slated for 2020. Inspired by the fan-art of himself in the role, Tyrese had a meeting with Warner Brothers about the picture last June, and confirmed today that he's now had "a couple of meetings" with the studio.

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Tyrese Gibson Might Be Your New Green Lantern, “Blames” Fans For Casting Campaign


Apparently during an interview with ET, he teased that he'd already taken the oath as well as a meeting or two with folks over at Warner Bros.

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Beam Me Up, Hal: A Star Trek/Green Lantern Crossover Is Coming!

In brightest day, in blackest night, no tribble shall escape my sight.

Worlds collided at Wondercon on Saturday, as DC Comics and IDW Publishing announced Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War, a six-part miniseries set to release in July. Behind the writer's helm is Mike Johnson, who was the pen behind a bunch of Star Trek and DC comics. He's joined by Angel Hernández, who was the artist's brush behind recent issues of Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse.

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Things We Saw Today: Pi Fashion In Fitting With Pi Day Celebrations

In case you missed the memo, today was Pi Day. Whether it was pizza pie, pie pie, or good old classic pi, the celebrations were raging today, and they were delicious.

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Fans Create the DC/Marvel Crossover Movie We Deserve

"Great Hera!" "By Odin's beard!" *pause* *louder shouting* "Great! Hera!" *even louder shouting* "By Odin's! Beard!"

It's been more than ten years since the last time DC and Marvel got it together long enough to make a crossover book, and if you think the negotiations between New Line and Warner Bros. over rights to produce and distribute The Hobbit were bad, scale New Line up to a company the size of Disney, throw in Sony Pictures and Fox Studios, and consider how unlikely it is that we'd get any of them to make a movie bridging the Justice League, Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man universes.

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DC Comics Cancels 13 Series (Including Batwoman) Just as Convergence Event Ramps Up… Coincidence?

hush the picture is relevant shhhhh

It's December and we've just started hearing about what comics are going to be coming out in May, because that's how comics work. And DC's slate of comics for May reveals one of their biggest waves of cancellations since the start of the New 52... just as they launch into a multiverse-spanning event story line. Hmmmmmmmm.

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DC Comics Introduces a New Male Star Sapphire With a Familiar Face

And this is where I kick myself for being 3-4 issues behind on my DC Comics books. Spoilers to come for Green Lantern Corps #36.

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Warner Bros. Officially Sets A Date For A Wonder Woman Solo Film, Casts Ezra Miller As Their New Flash, Ray Fisher As Cyborg

Investor meetings aren't usually how we get our entertainment news, but we'll take it. Read on for a slew of DC Comics movie news just announced!

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Rumor: Does Warner Bros. Have a “No Jokes” Rule For Their Superhero Movies?

There's no laughing in superhero movies!!

Saving the world is SRS BSNS.

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Is This Warner Bros.’ New Slate Of Superhero Films?


Some new rumors claim Warner Bros. is working mighty hard the next few years. How many films do you think will come before Wonder Woman's solo outing?

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Things We Saw Today: Official Lantern Corps Rings

Things We Saw Today

New Lantern rings available at Silver Age Jewellery made by Guild Jewelry. Superpowers not included.

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