Things We Saw Today: Chew-Bach-a

Things We Saw Today
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Oh, you’re welcome. (At What Is This I Don’t Even)

The perennially delightful Stephen Fry interviewed the perennially creative Lady Gaga for Financial Times. He writes about her extremely Britishly, and we highly recommend it. There is also an audio interview. (via Neatorama)

X-Men + Nintendo = Someone Needs to Make This Video Game. (At The Uniblog)

Someone created a TARDIS in Portal 2. If we travel into the future, maybe Stephen Merchant will be on Doctor Who! (YouTube via Reddit)

We’d be remiss not to mention that yesterday would have been the 100th birthday of beloved horror icon Vincent Price. DeviantART user SeizureDemon has created this “Vincentennial” graphic in his honor. Click for the full version. (via Popped Culture)

And just what we’ve always wanted: a totally real, not-fake-at-all vampire hunting kit from the “1800s”! Complete with mere repellents as well as weapons for those ready to be hands-on vampire killers. (At Trend Hunter)

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