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Things We Saw Today: Girls Can Be Firefighters Too In Empowering New Clothing Line

Because girls like dinosaurs, space, and other awesome things.

The bad news: This clothing line is still a not-yet-funded Kickstarter. The good news: You can go fund it, because girls should be able to get clothing that reflects their interests, no matter what those interests may be.


This is the deck of the (LEGO) HMS Beagle—the ship that took Darwin across the globe on his scientific journey. It could also be a real LEGO set with some help from Smithsonian Magazine, the HMS Beagle Project, and you. If you’re cool with pushing that “science” agenda on children and adults who like toys, that is. (via

And—just because we can—get funky. (via commenter Kris, thanks Kris!)

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