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The New York Times Has Some Very Strong (and Very Garbage) Feelings Regarding Yoga Pants

Yoga pants aren't bad for women; articles like this NYT garbage are.

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“Thanks, It Has Pockets!” Has Been With Us For Hundreds of Years

National Museums Liverpool posted a video walkthrough of how upper-class women got dressed in 18th-century Britain, and they were just as into pockets as we all are.

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Maybe You Won’t Hate These Star Wars Hot Topic Dresses as Much as I Do

I'm old.

I feel a little bad for griping about Hot Topic's Darth Vader and Rey-inspired dressy dress ensembles. There's not nearly enough merch, especially connected to blockbuster properties, that is marketed with women in mind. And I know I'm about 20 years past Hot Topic's target demographic. But I'm pretty sure 13-year-old me would have had the same reaction: whyyy.

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NASA Flight Suits Just Became Trendy, Thanks to Teen Vogue

When high fashion gets out of this world

The interminable blackness of space is sooo hot right now. Well, figuratively.

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Hot Topic Reveals Its Pride and Prejudice and Zombies-Inspired Collection

The beautiful thing about this clothing line is its modern take on the Regency-era fashions--though the collection (which consists of seven pieces) mostly consists of lingerie and other undergarments. Still, you can always buy some of these to wear underneath your everyday outfits and pretend you're a secret zombie killer like Elizabeth Bennet IRL.

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The Uniform as Costume: From McDonald’s to Drag Balls

A news story about a Taiwanese McDonald's branch wearing Taiwanese military uniforms as part of a new years campaign (other branches has Minion themes, zombie themes, etc.) made national news a few weeks ago.

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Dascha Polanco to Exclusionary Designers: ‘I Don’t Have to Dress with Your Clothing’ [Runway Riot]

Today our girl Dascha Polanco is calling out designers who have refused to dress her curves in their threads. VIA RUNWAY RIOT

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Things We Saw Today: Daisy Ridley Hangs with a Little Rey

Someday we'll see things other than Star Wars. Today is not that day.

And now I'm crying about The Force Awakens all over again.

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Wear Your Browncoat Fandom on Your Sleeve (or Dress) With these Firefly Fashions From Living Dead

The world could always use more geek fashions, and sometimes as popular franchises with current offerings like Star Wars, Doctor Who, or the Hunger Games get all the geek fashion love. Well, Living Dead Clothing has gone back into the geek treasure trove for inspiration with their new Firefly: Big Damn Heroes line, created in conjunction with 20th Century Fox!

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[VIDEO] The Mary Sue Gets Up Close and Personal With the Costumes of The Force Awakens

And every other Star Wars movie. It was an embarrassment of riches.

Last Friday, TMS Social Media Editor Sam Riedel and I got the chance to check out Time Square Discovery's Star Wars Costumes Exhibition, which features props and costumes from Phantom Menace all the way through to Force Awakens.

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The Mary Sue Holiday 2015 Gift Guide, Part 3: Geek Chic!

Shopping managed.

Help your friends and family wear their geeky passions on their sleeve! Below, we've highlighted all the jewelry, makeup, and clothing you need for the sweetest Christmas ever.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein

The Mary Sue spoke to Ashley by phone about what first gave her the idea to create Her Universe back in 2009, the fashion and published works we have to look forward to in the next year(!), and what she's geeking out about right now.

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Things We Saw Today: Gwendoline Christie Models Captain Phasma-Inspired Gowns

More like Gowndoline Classy. I make no apologies.

Gwendoline Christie models a Captain Phasma-inspired dress designed by Giles Deacon.

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[UPDATED] WTF? American Apparel Encourages Sales Associates to Wear “Ask Me to Take It All Off” Shirts and Buttons for Black Friday

American Apparel is, at best, accidentally providing creeps with an opening pick-up line; at worst, they're taking advantage of the power dynamics between employer and employee (particularly very young female employees) and conflating objectification with edginess.

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UPDATED: RunwayRiot Reports on Lime Crime, an Indie Makeup Brand With a Massive Image Problem

Lime Crime’s Instagram is loaded with praise for the vivid neon yellow, fuchsia, and electric blue makeup. The brand’s image is all unicorns and rainbows, but after we interviewed numerous customers, we found that the brand’s identity has become less about sparkle and more about their business practices.

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Announcing RunwayRiot, the Ultimate Fashion Site for Women of All Sizes

We’re thrilled to announce that RunwayRiot, the ultimate fashion site for women of all sizes, is launching today.

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Things We Saw Today: Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Duds

Get your shinning on.

Treehouse of Horror, the Simpsons series that gave me many a nightmare as a wee child, is getting its own clothing line from Australian company Living Dead Clothing.

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Teen with Down Syndrome and Bionic Model Take New York Fashion Week Runway

Madeline Stuart and Rebekah Marine took the New York Fashion Week runway to show that beauty has no bounds.

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Girls’ Programming Skills Hit the Fashion Week Runway in LED-Studded Dress

Through Google's "Made With Code" program, a group of girls were able to help fashion designer Zac Posen show off a fantastic LED-studded dress for New York Fashion Week. Their efforts helped bring the lights to the party, as they programmed the lights themselves into designs that would display on the runway.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: WeLoveFine Launches New Spider-Verse Collection

We've hit the jackpot!

How's a Spider-Fan supposed to stay comfy and warm now that fall weather is on its way? With WeLoveFine's newly-launched Spider-Verse collection, of course!

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