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The Amsterdam Bench From The Fault in Our Stars Went Missing, Because of Course It Did

Nerdfighters don't mess around.


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In The Fault In Our Stars, our teen lovers Hazel and Gus share an emotional, romantic moment while sitting on a bench in Amsterdam. And now that bench has gone missing, replaced by an oversized flower pot. Who’s to blame? Overzealous John Green fans? Disorganized city planning? Did the bench skip off into the sunset itself with a song in its heart and a skip in its step to join its furniture brethren in Ikeatopia? It’s a mystery.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Suspects in the disappearance include the city itself, which may have simply taken the old bench away for repairs, as well as neighbors unhappy with extra tourist traffic, vandals or even fans wanting to own a small piece of film history. “It’s a bit embarrassing, because we do keep good track of them, but it’s gone all right,” said city spokesman Stephan van der Hoek.

According to van der Hoek, tourists had already started asking where that specific bench—located on the Leidsdegracht—was before anyone official noticed it was missing. “Keep your eyes on eBay,” he added.

Off in the distance, John Green removes his balaclava and cackles.

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