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This “Beer for Her” Is the Worst Gendered Marketing Since the Last Gendered Marketing

Finally! Women are now able to drink the manliest of man drinks: beer. Never mind the fact that women already drink a whole lot of beer, because now we can stop hiding all that shame we weren't feeling!

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Things We Saw Today: T. rex Dinosaurs Couldn’t Run, So Jurassic Park Flat-Out LIED To Me

Jurassic Park was a lie!!!

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Apologies to the Misogynists, But Women’s Existence Is Not a PC Marketing Device

We see this argument all the time from open, admitted sexist cretins. But we also see it from closeted, self-denying sexist cretins. You know, the "I'm not sexist, but" crowd. "I'm not sexist, I just don't think politics should be involved in Doctor Who." "I’m not sexist, I just view the inclusion of women as political pandering!"

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Paul Ryan Says He’s Open to “Modernizing” That Sexist Congressional Dress Code

Paul Ryan has been seeing a lot of criticism over the women ejected from the House lobby over their sleeveless dresses.

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Adam Ruins Pregnancy, Reminding Us Not to Get Our Fertility Info From Medieval France

If you can become pregnant, and you even have an inkling that you might want to bring a life into the world (or hell, even if you don't), you've likely been fearmongered to death about your "biological clock" and how your time is running out and how you'll basically just shrivel into a ball and die by the time you hit 35. Did you know that all that accepted "truth" is based on inaccurate information derived from the census records of French women in Medieval times?

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#WheresRey? Not in Star Wars Monopoly, Despite Hasbro’s Promises

Last year, an eight year old girl wrote a letter to Hasbro wondering why there was no Rey token included in the new Star Wars Monopoly game. Hasbro responded to her letter, saying that they left her out because they didn't want to be responsible for spoilers to The Force Awakens, as the board game came out before the film. Later, they promised to include Rey in subsequent versions of the game by the Fall of 2016. It's now Summer of 2017, and we're still waiting.

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Sexist “No Sleeveless” Dress Code on Capitol Hill

With bonus anti-journalism!

If you're looking to fight a pointless battle armed with nothing but outdated ideas of what women should be doing with their bodies, Paul Ryan is, as always, your man.

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Why Would the Boston Globe Give Space to Racist, Sexist Hot Garbage?

The Boston Globe's Roland Merullo posted a "think piece" just before the July 4th holiday called "In Defense of the White Male." You know, because no one ever comes to their poor, defenseless, marginalized aid.

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Spineless New Jersey College Fires Black Professor For Expressing an Angry Opinion on Television

Former Essex County College professor and political commentator Lisa Durden was fired from her professorship, because she went on a talk show and expressed a valid opinion in too loud and angry a voice.

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The New Season of The X-Files Has Zero Women Writers and This Is Unacceptable

The truth is out there and it sucks.

From the Department of What the Actual Fresh Hell Is This, news comes that season 11 of the refreshed X-Files has finalized its writer's room. Considerably less refreshing is that the females on staff amount to exactly none.

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On Sofia Coppola and The Beguiled: What “Supporting Female Filmmakers” Really Means

There's been a lot of discussion surrounding Sofia Coppola's star-studded novel adaptation, The Beguiled, which comes out Friday. One of the larger topics of discussion is how, despite slavery being addressed in the original source material—complete with a black female character named Hallie—Coppola's film addresses none of it, instead erasing that character and choosing instead to stick with what's familiar: white, Southern femininity.

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The Fight Against Gendered Dress Codes Is Finally Making Progress Now That Men & Boys Are Complaining

When men & boys complain of being hot or uncomfortable, no one assumes their real aim is to sexualize themselves or distract women and girls from their work and studies. They're not told their physical comfort is going to detract from the needs of others. They just–get this–are listened to.

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Sad Men in Texas Host All-Male Screening as a Joke, and We’re Laughing…But Not For the Reasons They Think

I sometimes have to wonder if people who fight so hard trying to derail already marginalized communities would instead focus their considerable energy into something more productive, if we wouldn't have a cure for cancer by now.

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The Media Keeps Asking Why Cameron Diaz “Waited” to Get Married Until Her 40’s

There's been a recent flood of stories that breathlessly cover actress Cameron Diaz's decision to get married when she was (shock! awe! gasp!) all of 41 years of age. Get ready to clutch your pearls.

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Joss Whedon and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Script: A Wonder Woman Story

One of the great pop culture white whales of recent years has been Joss Whedon's mysterious Wonder Woman script. As audiences begged for the iconic superheroine to hit the big screen, and Whedon's take was rejected, that rejected script became a symbol of Everything That's Wrong with Hollywood. It became a symbol of an All Boys' Club trying to keep superhero movies For Men Only. Turns out? That script was just bad. And also hella sexist.

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Uber Board Member Made a Sexist Joke During a Meeting to Discuss Problems With Sexism

How many sexists does it take to run Uber? A lot, apparently.

Do we need to point out the unpleasant irony that Bonderman, a man, interrupted Huffington, a woman, to talk about how women are always talking out of turn? I wouldn’t think so, and yet here we are.

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Maryland City Ordinance Proves That Society Is Still A-Scared of Boobies For Some Reason

The world doesn't need to be "protected" from the sight of women's breasts. It needs to be protected from sexual violence and gender discrimination. Let's keep our priorities in order, shall we?

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Ice Cube Appears on Real Time to School Bill Maher on the N-Word

Bill Maher is problematic. So is Ice Cube. But in this case, it took the latter to remind the former that you shouldn't feel "too familiar" with oppressed groups. Certainly not "familiar" enough to feel comfortable dropping a racial slur.

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Wonder Woman, Doctor Poison, and Solidarity In the Face of Patriarchy

One of the things that fascinated me most about Wonder Woman was the use of DC villain, Doctor Poison, known in the film as Doctor Isabel Maru. How she is handled, and her subsequent fate tell us a lot about what Diana learns about humanity and the importance of mercy. However, can how Diana chose to deal with Doctor Maru teach us something about solidarity in the face of oppression? **SPOILERS, YO.**

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J.K. Rowling Calls Out Liberal Sexism in Epic Twitter Thread

J.K. Rowling is not having your liberal, sexist bullshit, thank you very much.

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