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The Twitter Account “Men Writing Women” Is a Hilarious Look At Some Seriously Sexist Prose

What the hell, men?

Ever pick up a book or a script, get to a description of a woman, and immediately go "oh, a man wrote this" because the description is just too sexist?

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Yet Another Mississippi Republican Refuses to Be Alone With Women at Work

Last week, Mississippi reporter Larrison Campbell revealed that state rep. Robert Foster, who is currently running for Governor, refused to allow her to accompany him on a campaign trip unless she brought along a male colleague. But Foster isn't the only Republican in his state to exclude women in that way–he's not even the only Republican in that race to do so.

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If You Won’t Be Alone With a Female Reporter, You Don’t Get to Run for Office, That’s the Rule

State Rep. Robert Foster says he follows the "Billy Graham rule"–the same sexist rule Mike Pence also follows, which prohibits a man from ever being alone with a woman that isn't his wife (or in Pence's case, "Mother"). Reporter Larrison Campbell was told that she wouldn't be able to cover a campaign trip unless she brought along a male colleague to accompany her.

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The Editor-in-Chief of The Atlantic Doesn’t Think Women Can Write Longform Pieces

Women of the internet however, were quick to correct him.

Another day, another oblivious man spouting nonsense about women.

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Stop Telling Brie Larson How to Act. It’s Exhausting.

Look, I get it. Not everyone has to like Brie Larson but I'm just tired of everyone making her out to be this uber 'bitch' because they don't like having a woman forefronting the next wave of the MCU.

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Donald Trump’s Federal Reserve Board Nominee Has a Particularly Terrible History of Gross, Sexist “Jokes”

This is bad even by Trump nominee standards.

Stephen Moore is under fire for some articles he wrote back around 2000 to 2003, and while that was a while ago (he was only a young man of 40 at the time, after all!), the articles are bad enough that even the White House is, well, not denouncing him, but "sending conflicting signals," as CNN writes.

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In a Political System Designed for Men, Women Are Still Fighting for the Right to Use Campaign Funds for Childcare

How is this still a thing?

When women enter into politics, they can find themselves butting up against a whole slew of obstacles that, for most of the history of the US government, no one even realized were there. These obstacles come from a system that was designed to be universal, but turns out was actually designed for men, though people might not have recognized the difference until women began participating in that system, a thing that's now happening in record numbers.

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High School Girls Fought Back Against Boys Rating Their Looks & the Administrators Who Let Them

This sort of act is so unremarkable that it's considered by most to fall into the category of "boys will be boys," and met with a "what can you do?" The girls of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School aren't settling for that response, though.

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Most Republican Women Don’t Think Systemic Sexism Is an Issue

According to a new study, the majority of women who identify as Republicans don't think systemic sex-based discrimination is a problem. That's a statement we all probably knew to be true, but now there are some numbers to back it up.

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Female Cyclist Forced to Halt Race After She—Gasp!—Caught up With the Men

Today in sexist nonsense: a Swiss cyclist was made to stop mid-race after it appeared her surge would take her into the men's competition, which had begun ten minutes prior to the women's race.

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Dear Oscars Academy, Please Create a Special Category for This Powerful Nike Ad That Ran During the Show

"If they want to call you crazy? Fine. Show them what crazy can do."

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So Suddenly the Super Bowl Is Fine With Nipples Now?

America doesn't need protecting from nipples. If the NFL or CBS is going to protect its viewers from anything, they should start with boring halftime shows.

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Tucker Carlson Blames Women’s Empowerment for Men’s Alcohol Abuse, Incarceration Rates, the Entire Fall of Mankind

On his Fox News show Wednesday, Tucker Carlson was back on one of his favorite subjects: how the world is conspiring against men. With a chyron under him reading "Men in decline as ruling class looks away," he explains how it all went wrong. Spoiler: It's women's fault.

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Uncompensated Labor Imbalances Make the Gender Wage Gap Even Worse Than We Knew

Taking into account how the 80-cent statistic is derived from the salaries of men and women who work full-time, the IWPR found that because women are more likely to drop or be pushed out of the labor force by child-care needs and a range of other domestic demands, the gender wage gap is actually closer to 49 cents on the dollar for women.

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How Did People Expect Hillary Clinton to Treat Donald Trump Yesterday?

Yesterday was George H.W. Bush's memorial service and every living president and vice president attended, sitting together in the front pew. Sitting next to her husband was popular vote winner should-be-president Hillary Clinton, and seeing as Donald Trump continues to speak and tweet about how he believes she should be in prison on a near-daily basis, I don't think anyone is reaching in calling her body language towards him, let's say, chilly.

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Ada Hegerberg’s Ballon d’Or Ceremony Encapsulates Sexism in Sports in a Single Moment

French DJ Martin Solveig asked the award winner to twerk onstage and it did not go well.

But what would a ceremony honoring an exceptional woman be without a dumbass guy there to ruin it?

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Wall Street Is Going Full Mike Pence in Response to #MeToo, Shunning Women

Never go full Mike Pence.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, male senior executives working on Wall Street are super scared of women in the #MeToo era. So scared that they've decided their only option is to avoid being alone with them or even, it seems, around them at all.

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Please Stop Pitting Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman Against Each Other

We can have both.

A new trailer for Captain Marvel dropped last night, and for some people, that means one thing: It's time to compare her to Wonder Woman.

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Things We Saw Today: Riot Games Is Being Sued for Gender Discrimination

Back in August, Kotaku broke a giant story about the alleged culture of gender discrimination at Riot Games, home of League of Legends. Now, one former employee and one current one have filed a class action lawsuit against the company.

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Michael Avenatti Says Democrats Better Run a “White Male” in 2020 Because Their Words “Carry More Weight”

And no, it doesn't matter that he says he wishes things were different.

Avenatti says that he was misquoted and his words taken out of context, and that his real message was about allyship and calling on white men to step up and speak out. But this is not allyship. This is the perpetuation of dangerous prejudices, masquerading as condemnation.

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